Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ricky Skaggs 'My Father's Son'

Welcome to my 500th posting!

What started as an exercise to keep in “writing shape” has turned into a daily expression and purging necessary to my mental health. And surprisingly… I have even won an award for my efforts here! The mental health… About the same.

I want to thank each and every one of you that seek out my little self-expression to read. It is greatly appreciated and I hope that you get something out of it. Whether it’s a laugh, a different point of view, or even a way to feel better about yourself while pitying me… Thank you!

--I’m starting to think that my Zune MP3 player will always be a small pain in my ass. Let me explain…

Sunday afternoon… I sat down to load in a couple of CD singles. I used to burn all my CD singles onto ‘Various Sh*t’ compilation CD’s. And for some reason, the Zune program disappeared from my PC. No problem. I just broke out the software again to load that bitch up onto the PC.

Well… That became a problem. The program had to take what was on Gretchen II and load it back onto the PC. Then after all that, the PC had to sync up with Gretchen II. And of course, halfway through the process… Gretchen II shut down like a narcoleptic. She wouldn’t do anything and no matter what buttons I pushed, she just slipped deeper into her electronic coma.

I did the same thing I did last time she seized up… I ran her battery down. That shut off the little processor, the tiny hard drive, or the infernal demon that runs the damn thing inside. It’s the only way to get her regular again.

I plugged Gretchen II in to charge up and try the sync again this afternoon. And everything was all right once again. She’s acting right and my blood pressure immediately went down.

Why new technologies give me a hard time… I’ll never know.

--Do you ever get excited about wearing new underwear?

I did this morning and I don’t care if you think it’s weird. I was excited and I’ll tell you why…

I’ve lost weight! And lots of it!

My mother gave me 2 packs of my favorite boxer briefs last Christmas and they weren’t my size. I didn’t say anything and I held onto them. I kept them because of my desire to start taking better care of myself since I turned 40. Eating better usually has lost weight as a side benefit. And over the last couple of months, I had given up sugar. During October, I had even given up my favorite adult beverage… Beer!

My waistline decreased and my pants were getting more and more room inside. I even had to poke a couple of new holes into my belts to hold the pants up. So I decided to give the underwear in storage a shot and tried them on. I was amazed to find them the perfect size! So I tried on the boxer shorts too and they fit!

I haven’t worn boxers in years and I must say… I’m enjoying them again.

I just wanted to eat a little healthier because I’m getting closer and closer to my “golden years”. I don’t want to be wired to any contraptions that keep me alive and complaining loudly to punk kids in my old age. I’d actually like to see 70 without soiling my pants on a daily basis. The weight loss is being noticed by the ladies too… Yeah!

Losing some of that weight has caused my cuteness to surface. Who knew?

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