Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jimi Hendrix Experience 'Live At Monterey'

For the first time… I ventured out to the Rhino Times Schmoozefest happening at the Pour House in downtown Greensboro. Before hand, I met up with Weather Dave, Jason Goodman, “B. Ware”, Heather Chapin, Josie , Jaclyn, and my boss Doug McKnight at Natty Greene’s. Or as we call it at work… “The Workshop”. I was following Dave’s lead by hitting Natty’s to “prime the pump” with a few Old Town Browns.

So we sat around upstairs at Natty’s knocking back our fair share by helping the local economy and talking about the folks trying to watch the Packers / Cowboys game. I didn’t realize that everyone did not have the NFL Channel. Folks were scrambling to find a bar to see the game. And me… I have that channel and I couldn’t care less. It kind of made me feel a little smug.

We finally headed over to the Pour House to see Scott Yost and the rest of the Rhino crew. Oh, and to get our free drinks.

I just didn’t realize that it would be so crowded. It was a wall-to-wall meat market and I was only lucky enough to pass out my card to a few fantastic ladies that have no interest in me. I guess that I’m just not good at diving into the whole “meat market” kind of thing.

--The other night, I got a strange text message. It read as follows… “How was your Thanksgiving?? Its been a long time since we talked. How have you been?”

I had NO idea who it was from, so I replied with… “Thnxgiving okay… Who is this??”

As it turned out, it was an old friend who calls herself “Anastasia Beaverhausen”. I haven’t spoken to her for over a year. So we made plans to meet at the workshop Wednesday night.

For the record, Beaverhausen is probably one of the most abrasive individuals that I have ever known. But unlike a lot of people, I find her funny as hell! She’s like Joy from the television show My Name Is Earl.

She can be crude. She can be course. But I’ve always found her funny. Little did I know that she was seriously pissing off my coworkers with her comments. She even rubbed the bartender wrong there at Natty’s. Beaverhausen is an equal opportunity offender and she’s definitely not politically correct.

So when I finally met up with my coworkers today… They were all like “who was that chick with you last night”?

They just don’t understand her at all.

Oh well.

I’m out folks. Sorry about the lack of updating and thanks for checking in. Toodles!

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  1. Toodles? I've never known a guy to say "toodles"