Thursday, November 22, 2007

Elton John 'Rocket Man: Number Ones'

I got back from my family Thanksgiving get together about an hour ago. It was relatively painless. There were no big fights, but there was a little bloodshed and thankfully a big bottle of red wine.

I’m amazed how a couple of glasses of wine takes the edge off sometimes painful family functions.

Perhaps painful isn’t the word I should be using… I like getting together with everyone, but I don’t much care for the loud and sometimes crying kids. The only one that I was concerned about was my niece and goddaughter Gracie. The girl will seemingly cry if someone pops a knuckle. She holds the record for the 100 Teardrop dash with an unbeatable time of 4.3 seconds.

She cries when she’s hungry. She sheds the tears when she’s angry. Her eyes leak when she falls down. If she drops a nugget in her pants, she’ll squeeze out some salty water from her eyes to let you know her dissatisfaction. And there’s no need for a doorbell when she arrives… She cries to let you know that she’s arrived.

I even recorded her cry for my cell phone so when her mother calls me, I know who it is without even looking. Yep, it’s Pam’s ring tone.

I love Gracie to death, but that crying grates on my nerves. I’m hoping that it will level off once she learns some words and is able to construct sentences. But in the back of my mind, there’s a sneaking suspicion that the crying will remain her mainstay form of communication for a few more years.

--We did dinner at Tina and Richard’s house. Preston and his kids were there and were unbelievably well behaved. I didn’t hear any crying from any of them or from Gracie’s sister Chloe. Apparently Gracie had purchased the rights and she was taking full advantage of them.

Gracie was the one that ended up bleeding a little. We were outside playing with the puppies in the backyard and one of them tackled her. It was a little like this except there were Beagle puppies, less rock n’ roll, and crying…

Well… That does it for me. I know it’s short, but I’ve got some relaxing to do and I want to get to it.

Thanks for checking by because I know that I haven’t been updating like I should. Hey… I get busy sometimes.

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