Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show 12/21/01

It's funny how life is sometimes... Every now and again there's a surprise.

On Sunday afternoon, I posted a MySpace bulletin telling my friends to listen to the 2 Guys Named Chris show Monday and Tuesday mornings on Rock 92 because I was taking Goatboy's place while he was away.

I got a few notes from the Rock 92 P-1 Army and there was one that stood out. It was from Daphne and she wrote that she would drop some goodies off at the station and asked what I wanted. Well... Being a painfully single male and Daphne being an attractive women, I wrote back with something like "just bring your own sweet self".

Then it occurred to me... Daphne may be married and I don't need to be sending something like that to her. So I checked out her MySpace page and sure enough... She's married. Not good. I had visions of an angry husband showing up to give me a double-barreled shotgun enema. I sent an apology immediately.

During the day we swapped a couple of notes back and forth. My faux pas wasn't an issue.

Later on that evening... I got another note from Daphne with one simple question... Did I once go to New Hope Baptist Church?

Her question was dead on... We had met before... And she has met me at a remote with Deidre.

On her way home Monday, it hit her that I may have been the same guy she knew from that church. She remembered a Eugene Sims from when she was a kid... Could I be that same Eugene from when she was 9 years old?

We got caught up with each other's lives and all that good stuff. We didn't know each other at all back then because of the differences in our ages (I'm nearly a decade older), but I do remember her and her family.

And that's the kind of funny things that happen in life that I love!

The wild thing is this... Daphne has been my MySpace friend for at least 6 months before our realization. And of course I had to pick on her about my placement on her friends list because I (an old personal friend so to speak) was still behind the Buzzard's Road Kill Mama. How could this be?

And since we're talking about MySpace... My number one friend of the week is Doc and The Blind Tiger. The BT is one of my favorite places to check out some live music. Drop by and check it out.

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