Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bruce Springsteen 'Magic'

This past Saturday morning… I awoke to a sunshiny day and although I was slightly hung over… The smile from Thursday and Friday was still on my face as if it had been tattooed there. Yeah, I woke up feeling the way Keith Richards looks and yet I still had the grin that you can see on the fat Buddha statues. There seemed to be no coming down from the high, baby!

That is until I plugged in my Zune MP3 player the second time that Saturday afternoon.

I got up and uploaded today’s musical choice on there (Bruce Springsteen), as well as Matchbox Twenty’s latest release. Everything went fine. I got my second Zune (Gretchen II… For some reason, the software wants you to name it) almost two weeks before this past Saturday. They replaced the first one with a brand new Zune. They made me a happy customer. I’ve been using it to listen to music when I’m reading and everything has been fine.

Until I started uploading a CD by Terry Sullivan

Gretchen II stopped uploading and she wouldn’t move. I could hear the little hard drive whirring around inside like a small coffee grinder. The program on the PC had frozen up during the sync mode and Gretchen II was like a mule who had had enough on an unusually hot afternoon. That bitch wouldn’t budge. I talked to her sweetly and begged her to be good to me. She would only light up whenever I punched a button and do nothing else. I was growling like a rabid dog.

So once again I got on the website and did a little troubleshooting from home. It didn’t help and I couldn’t even turn Gretchen II off. There was only one other thing to do… Call the customer service line.

Tiffany and I went through the same things again and Gretchen II reacted like a coma patient. There was no reaction at all… So they’re sending me another box to send Gretchen II back for a replacement. That’s cool… Gretchen III would soon be here to make everything good.

After Tiffany and I got off the phone, I decided to try a little experiment. Since I couldn’t turn her off… I would have to let it shut down on its own when the battery died.

All day long I kept waiting for a sign from Gretchen II. Either a sign of life or a sign of death. I got neither until Sunday morning. Gretchen II’s battery had finally expired.

I turned her on and she immediately notified me that she was in fact needing some juice. I plugged her into the PC and she took off like a looter that was getting shot at. She was fine! And she synched up perfectly without Terry Sullivan’s CD giving her any problems.

She’s been working fine ever since!

Yeah… I’ve thought about calling Zune Customer Service, but there’s a nagging little voice in the back of my head telling me that Gretchen II may have another episode. I’m looking at the upcoming box (they send you a prepaid box to send it back to them) as an insurance policy.

We shall see.


  1. Good luck. I think I told you my fancier mp3 player died on me in Wyoming - sounds kinda like a sad c&w song.

  2. Well that depends Joan... Was there any George Jones on that MP3 player?

  3. no, but there was Willie Nelson.