Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Earl Klugh 'Midnight In San Juan'

I got a strange and yet cool phone call today. It was from a person that I hadn’t heard from in a good long while. So we decided to meet up for some drinks and catch up on things.

She decided that The Brass Taps (formerly Killian’s Pub) on Battleground would be cool. I hadn’t been there since the name change and I was just as eager to check it out.

The one thing I liked about it… The place didn’t seem like a pick-up joint. My friend Katrice had the best description that caused me to laugh like a hyena… She said it was like drinking at the VFW.

There didn’t seem like there was a guy over the age of 50 there! Now the ladies in attendance started at 21 and worked their way up… Good news for me, right?

I still have hair where it counts! That fact puts me near the front of the herd, so to speak.

But let me tell you ladies… From what I saw there this evening… All you have to do is go inside, bat your eyes a couple of times, and the drinks will be coming your way prepaid. All those VFW types will take care of your every need. The only downside would be listening to Vietnam, Grenada, or Iraq Version 1 stories while you sip on your cocktail of choice.

I’m not a smoker, but I believe in smoker’s rights. And I must admit… It got a little too smoky for even my tastes. Before we left, the place looked like it could easily be a training ground for new firefighters. I thought about hitting the floor to find my way out to the parking lot, it was that smoky. I’m feeling like I need a nicotine patch right now to get myself off that horse.

--I’m still having great fun loading up my Zune MP3 player! I just loaded up my musical choice of the day… Earl Klugh (how’s that for culture?)… And I’ve been loading up on all the CD singles that I’ve acquired over the years.

A few years ago, I tried compiling all those singles onto “Various Sh!t” collections on CD. So now it’s pretty cool to just “rip” them in about 45 seconds and get them into my MP3 player. Ahhhh… The convenience.

If I had of known that this would have been this easy and compact on an MP3 player… I would have jumped onboard this type of technology a long, long time ago.

Is it wrong for me to be this excited?

Part of me says “yes” because I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. With anything that I get excited about, there’s always a downside. Whether it’s new technology or someone that I’m going out with… There’s always something to bring me crashing back down to earth. I usually end up very upset, raking my hands through my hair, and never wanting to deal with it again.

We shall see.

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