Sunday, September 23, 2007

Heavens Sake 'Shinola'

While Kristina and I were taking in a few drinks during the Cirque Du Soleil show’s intermission, we once again hit upon a stick that’s been stuck in a craw.

I shall explain…

She purchased a new car this past week. It’s a sporty black Lexus that can really get up and MOVE! Plus, it handles very nicely in tight turns… Believe me, I put the car to that test.

When I got there to see this piece of newly purchased machinery, she was uploading pictures of it to send friends and family. Being as good as I am with a camera, I told her that a lot of those photos just wouldn’t do. We got the keys and positioned the vehicle in the parking lot where the sun would be just right considering the background. It’s not quite up to the Herb Tarlek type of car pornography, but you can see the inspired eye.

I asked if the car had a name already or even if she’s considering a name for it. She called the guy she purchased the car from and he never named it… The insensitive bastard. Kristina eventually settled on the possibility of the name coming to her when driving… The car would tell her, so to speak.

Back to the Carlisle Club bar at the Greensboro Coliseum during Cirque Du Soleil’s intermission… Kristina wants to call her car “Roxy”. And that’s the name of my truck!

Sure… I don’t mind if she’s calls her Lexus “Roxy”. I don’t have a licensed agreement with the name, but I think Kristina is adamant about me changing my “Roxy’s” name. And subscribing in the maritime belief of changing a vessel’s name can only bring bad luck, we opened up negotiations.

Her Roxy proclamation: The Lexus is a sports car. It’s fast and is deserving of a name that represents its prowess. The car is a rock star worthy of a name representing such a belief.

My Roxy proclamation: My truck has had the name “Roxy” from the day I purchased her. The name came to me once I opened her up to see what she could do on the open road. She’s fast (considering that she’s a light duty pick-up truck) and she has a lot of power. She’s older and there’s seniority to be upheld and respected. Respected!

The only term that I could agree to was this… Roxy I (my truck) and Roxy II (her car). And even through text messages, we still can’t see eye to eye on this. She wants the top “Roxy” title and I won’t let it go. AND!… With good reason.

I don’t really have a problem with both vehicles named Roxy, because I’ve been living with the over abundance of Chris’, Christine’s, and Kristina’s in my recent years. I can live with dual Roxy’s. One that’s a sporty little number and the other that’s a light duty Ford powerhouse (that’s been cracking up Kristina for some reason).

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  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Roxy should be foxy, not a name for a truck that is as tiny as a car. Roxy short for rockstar, because that is what she is! Although, today I am toying with the idea of giving up my plight. When the name Roxy pops up in my head, I think of your car not mine...So maybe that is not her name. Hell, she may not even be a she! I just wish I could think of something perfect for a sexy, exotic, speed machine with loud speakers ;)


  2. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I'm not going to comment at all, because if I did it would be filled with eyerolling, words like "childish", and phrases like, "you've got to be fucking kidding me."

  3. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Lol at Christine's comment. Lots of people name their cars, boats, motorcycles, etc...Not JUST the immature vehicle owners.
    I haven't named all the cars in my past, just the most important ones... :)

    I have relinqished my grasp on the name Roxy. I found a name that fits my car even better! (I wish I knew how to insert a link to my photos on myspace...)


  4. Hers should be called "Roxxxy". (pronounced "rocksssssee") - cuz it's hot and foxxxy.

    ha! that ought to clear up the confusion!

  5. oh, hell, am I ever slow...she already has a new name!! :P

  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Thanks for the vote Molly, I don't mind that it was a little late! Us girls gotta stick together! :)