Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Urban Dance Squad 'Life N' Perspectives Of A Genuine Crossover'

Have you been to my MySpace page lately?

At the first of every month, I change my profile picture. It’s usually something that should elicit a chuckle. And after dinner with a friend last night, we sat down and knocked out a few adult beverages… She suggested that I change my profile picture at least every other week.

I posted a bulletin asking what my MySpace friends thought. Overwhelmingly, they went with her advice as well. It seems that the “joke” wears off within 28 to 31 days. So I’ll be changing it every 1st and 15th of the month.

Today’s mail had something for me that I have been LONGING for… Disc 1 of season 3 of Rescue Me! I immediately put that bad boy into my DVD player and knocked out the first episode. I just had to get caught up on Tommy Gavin’s (Denis Leary) life.

And not to give anything away… There’s a BIG twist in the first episode. Did I mention how much I love this show?

I can’t understand why I wasn’t onboard with it when it first started running on FX. What in the hell was I thinking? How could I have missed such a damn fine show from the start?

I dunno.

And last night, my friend kept trying to get me to admit that I like reality shows. Sure, I’ve watched a couple of episodes of So You Can Dance and I’ve found it a much better product than most of that type of crap out there. But I have only watched it with her. So she asked, “Why don’t you watch it when you’re home? You like it.”

First of all, I watch television to escape reality. I want to see something made up and created for my entertainment. Sure, So You Think You Can Dance has it moments, but I don’t care about the participants. I don’t want to care. I just don’t see that many redeeming qualities to watch it on my own.

Tommy Gavin from Rescue Me… I care about. He’s haunted by ghosts, he has a drinking problem, and in general he’s a despicable human being. He’s interesting and entertaining. And he’s surrounded by those same types at the firehouse. There’s not a single episode where I’m not laughing.

If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it.

Well… That is all I’ve got today. I know that it’s kind of a weak update. I’m itching to get back to some Rescue Me. I want to finish that first disc tonight and get that joker back into the mail in order to get disc 2.

Again, it’s important to have goals.


  1. Anonymous5:09 AM

    For some reason I missed the start of "Rescue Me" too. What was I thinking? I don't even know what season they are on now, I don't know half of the character's names (I am afraid that going somewhere and looking them up will lead to inadvertent spoilers) ... yet I tune in every week. At one point it was on my "to do" list to start renting the old seasons in order to catch up. Maybe I should get on that. I wish they had it at the library.

    Speaking of which, thanks to the local Public Library (where, no lie, they know me so well they start pulling my hold items out as soon as I walk in the door... plus they have been known to "accidentally" override maximum-renewals and magically reduce my overdue fees. I love them!) I have (finally) started going back and watching "Dead Like Me". As I am HBO-for-life and can't afford two pay channels (though 'Dexter may make me change my mind about that)I missed it when it was on. The first disc only had one episode, but it was great. So great Ma is considering buying it. And, it doesn't have detectives or space ships. Now, that's something!

  2. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I just got the first disc of the first season of Rescue Me. I hope that it lives up to its reputation.

    Oh, and I just finished watching Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. Have you ever started watching a movie that was SO AWFUL that you couldn't stop watching it? This was one of those movies for me. I kept thinking... "but Eugene said he liked it". I think you either have to be a guy, high or both to appreciate this movie.