Friday, August 17, 2007

Led Zeppelin (Box Set) Disc 3

I received an email today with the subject line of “Damn it”. It was from a friend and regular reader of this here blog of mine. I opened it to find a very simple message… “Write another blog”.

I must tell you… I’ve been busy. REAL busy. I’m even considering the Otis Campbell method of dealing with all the pressures that’s been put upon me. I feel like getting stumble-happy drunk during this weekend.

Am I going to do it?


The last time I got that stumble-happy drunk, I felt the way that Keith Richards looks… Not very good.

I am looking somewhat forward to the Vince Neil/Quiet Riot/Slaughter show happening tomorrow night at the GSO Coliseum. The last time I saw Mr. Neil… I covered the show for the Greensboro News & Record. In my concert review, I said that Neil was as “exciting as watching Jell-O sweating in the hot sun”.

I’ve seen Motley Crue in their heydays… And I’ve seen them on that last tour. They were always good. Neil sans the Crue? Sucky, sucky! It was like he was there only to make a mortgage payment.

Who knows… Perhaps he’ll surprise me tomorrow night.

I’ve never seen Quiet Riot, so I don’t really know what to expect. I don’t even know what the band’s lineup is these days. Will Rudy Sarzo be on bass? Will Tommy Aldridge be the guy on the drums?

There’s no telling what’s going on with Quiet Riot and yet I’m somewhat interested in seeing them. Hell… I’m just wondering what kind of wig singer Kevin DuBrow will be sporting. I know one thing for sure… The wig will be 100% devoid of his own hair.

Why he doesn’t just embrace his baldness, I will never know. I’m more or less interested in just seeing who shows and who blows.

Sure… It was pretty much mandatory that I had to get Quiet Riot’s first album, ‘Metal Health’ because I was all about some hard rock then. That’s all I was listening to back then. They had a hit with Slade’s “Cum On Feel The Noize”. My friends had no idea that it was a cover until I pulled out a copy of Slade’s version .

Then when Quiet Riot did another Slade song… “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” on their second album, ‘Condition Critical’… I simply dismissed QR as untalented hacks. Sure… Slade were cool, but there’s a point when you should stop stripping the meat from a corpse’s skeleton.

It was like they were a big time tribute band with a major recording contract preying on the stupid Americans that didn’t know the bubblegum goodness of Slade. I was disgusted and never purchased ‘Condition Critical’. I was done with Quiet Riot.


I don’t care for… PERIOD! I’ve never really dug those cats. And lately for some strange reason, “Up All Night” has been a rotating staple on the jukebox that constantly plays in my head. Mark Slaughter’s voice is just WAY too high to enjoy. And there’s the fact that the song lyrics are simple and meaningless. Slaughter are like “Poison lite”.

I didn’t mean to get off on my pretentious rant about hard rock, but I really have nothing to write about.

Something else I’m looking forward to is how little women will be wearing tomorrow night. Hard rock tends to bring out the tramp in every woman, so I’m looking forward to seeing lots and lots of skin. It’ll be good people watching and if it’s possible, I will snap some shots with my camera phone.

Well folks… I’m out.


  1. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Led Zeppelin in the title, Led Zeppelin in my headphones. This is like the second time that's happened in a month. And besides that, I don't have anything else to say. Most worthless comment ever!

  2. I hope you see a lot of trashy women. It brings back those memories of me wanting to be in videos!

  3. Just remember Joan... It's never too late. :)