Monday, June 25, 2007

'*Note* Great Tape In Cover - Do Not Disregard' A mix tape by Wallace Harrison

Well it seems that another fine show has started its journey down the tubes. I’m talking about The Loop on FOX.

The first season… Now on DVD… was spectacular! Here’s a clip from the first season… It’s titled “Jack Air” and it’s one of funniest damn scenes that I have ever seen. I had to watch it several times because I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t hear the dialogue and I couldn’t see it all because of the tears in my eyes.

Now in The Loop’s final season… It just hasn’t been making me laugh like it used to. They erased half of the cast and I guess they did it to cut production costs. The show just hasn’t been the same knee-slapping kind of comedy that the first 7 episodes were. But it’s still some of the best comedic television out there.

And now it’s gone… : (

The thing that I don’t understand is… Why doesn’t our hero Sam want to get it on with Mimi Rogers?

She’s all over him like Jim Beam’s logo on Robby Gordon’s race car.

And speaking of Robby Gordon… I was more than a little disappointed with his finish the past Sunday. He’s a road course “specialist” and I was expecting him to pull into Victory Lane yesterday… But it didn’t happen. He did lead the most laps and has moved up 5 positions in the points standings. I just wanted more.

I even suggested that Deidre take him as one his drivers when she makes her picks against the Race Doctor on the Two Guys Named Chris Show.

Robby finished 16th… And my other fantasy league drivers finished in the top 4. So… It was a good day for all my drivers. So take THAT Kim and Charles!

Sorry about the shortness of this update, but I have nothing really to write about. My mind is occupied with something else at the moment. Thanks for checking back and reading this here blog of mine.


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    I don't even know who I was up against this week (IHateJimmie? I think that's Charles), but aside from Fat Tony, my team didn't do that well, but didn't totally suck. This was the first week since the great Casey For Kasey swap that Kasey finished (2 spots) higher than Casey. But they both finished in the 20s, so it's a moot point. Also, I am 2-1 wen facing you! The next time we match up is in three races. See you at Chicago, boss!

    Of course all of the racing stuff pales in comparison to loss of the Mighty, Mighty Crippler. No matter how this crazier-by-the-hour tale ends up, I stand by the fact that he was hands-down one of the greatest to ever lace 'em up, and, as anyone who knows me knows, my favorite wrestler ever. (Dare I say my favorite athlete? I think I shall.) I watched the tribute show with a revolving door of cats on the phone, and when that last shot of Benoit and Guerrero covered in confetti, holding their belts and shedding tears of joy closed the show, my eyes may have misted over a bit.

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Um, let's recap how my fantasy drivers did. Harvick 2nd. Bowyer 4th. Hamlin 10th. Sounds like a pretty good day for me. That makes 3 Ws in a row. I call that a winning streak.

    In other news, I am deeply saddened to hear about the tragic loss of Chris Benoit and his family. He was by far one of my top 3 favorite wrestlers, behind Flair and Angle. He will be greatly missed.

    Thank you Chris. Your work in the ring mad me enjoy true wrestling.