Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gary Hoey 'Monster Surf'

Kristina and I went to the Ron White show at the War Memorial Auditorium last night. She really enjoys his stuff… She even has a Ron White DVD.


I can take him or I can leave him.

Kristina had an EXCELLENT time! We both enjoyed watching and listening to the man in front of us laugh his ass off. His laugh was big and high pitched like a woman’s. He fully accepted the laughter as he wiped his brow from time to time. He was laughing so hard that he was sweating.

My one big complaint… The sound really sucked. They just didn’t pump up the volume. I was sitting in the center orchestra, row J and I had problems hearing the show. I can only imagine what the rest of the audience behind me did… Were they cupping their ears? Were they pulling out those fancy ear horns?

I don’t know.

Afterwards, Kristina and I hit our watering hole… The O’Charley’s off Wendover. That’s right! That’s where we hang when we’re “taking the edge off” (my new phrase of the moment).

I must tell you this…. Before we left for the evening, we took the edge off with a couple of drinks. She wanted a shot of vodka and I of course went with Jim Beam… Proud sponsor of Robby Gordon’s number 7 Ford Fusion. So I asked Stina, “Would you like your vodka chilled?”

“Do you even know how to do that?” she asks.

FRACK! She called my bluff. I fessed up by saying “no” and I only said that to be cute. I didn’t expect her to inquire about my lack of behind the bar knowledge. Her former bartender kicked in and she broke out some sort of chrome devices. She threw in some ice cubes and shook the booze and ice around. I even had my Jim Beam chilled… And I must say… I rather enjoyed it chilled. I also had Laura chill my double shot of Beam last night at The OC.

Tonight we’re heading down to Charlotte for the Poison, Ratt, and White Lion show. Hopefully, that will get the songs “Wait” and “When The Children Cry” out of the Stina Jukebox. She wouldn’t stop singing those songs last night at The OC. And to top it off, she kept making her White Lion vocalist Mike Trampp face from the “Wait” video. Take a look and see what I mean…

I’m kind of excited to see Ratt again. Although I don’t know what Ratt lineup is playing these days. I’m betting that it’s still only Stephen Pearcy with hired guns. In my opinion… Ratt, regardless of their lineup, will be the best of the bunch. I know that I’ve blogged about them before and I will say it again… Ratt were great! And if you’ve ever seen their VH-1’s Behind The Music episode, then you’ll be amazed like me… They played shows so high and drunk… I don’t know how they sounded as tight and awesome as they did.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Please welcome Cheryl to the top spot on my MySpace friend’s list!

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