Friday, June 22, 2007

Fall Out Boy 'Infinity On High'

Yesterday I got some FABULOUS news! The new KISSology II is coming out on August 14th and I cannot wait for it!

The first KISSology came out before last Christmas and I was one excited mofo when that joker came out. I didn’t appreciate the fact that the band put together 3 different packages for different companies with bonus discs of other concerts. Most KISS fans purchased copies of all three… I did not.

I understand that KISS is a money making business. Confucius knows that I’ve spent my hard earned cash a lot of that stuff. Sure, I purchased a bit of it for speculation. But the honest fact is… KISS Kollectables are mass marketed and it’ll take years for a lot of it to become “valuable”. I simply don’t care and to be quite honest, I’ve got enough KISS stuff to fill a small room.

I did manage to get my hands on one rarity back in 1989. It was a promotional album called ‘First Kiss : Last Licks’. There were only 1,000 copies pressed with demo versions of “Strutter”, “Deuce”, remixed versions of songs from the ‘Hot In The Shade’ album along with a couple of tunes from a British greatest hits collection.

I held onto that prized possession until I needed some quick cash. In my mind, I already had the demos on a bootleg CD… So I thought the cash was more important. At the time I sold it, it was worth about 90 bucks.

I went to a record show in Hillsborough with a sign on my back for folks to ask me about a rare KISS LP that I was selling. The dealers were all over me, but their offers were pitiful… The highest was $35. I know that they wanted to turn over a profit, but I held out for the true fan that may be in attendance.

Those fans found me and I started a silent auction with the ones interested in purchasing the album. I gave them 2 hours while I looked around for a couple of items for my collection. A Starz bootleg concert video (didn’t find) and a Cheap Trick ‘Dream Police’ badge (also didn’t find). I did score 2 bootleg Dread Zeppelin concerts on VHS. Where they’re at today… I don’t know. : (

After the time was up… The winning bid was $100 bucks. The guy and his wife was VERY appreciative. They had plans to mount and frame that joker for his KISS Kollectable basement. So I knew that it was going to a good home.

Yes, I had some reservations about letting it go, but I held fast to the same belief that Darryl (Collectables Used Record Store) once told me about… “You will see another again in your lifetime Profit, when needed, should always win out.”

Have I seen another since?

No. But one day another will come along and it will be a prized possession once again in my collection.

Back to KISSology II… It covers the years 1979 thru 1991. There doesn’t seem to be too many full concerts, but the big news is this… The KISS interview with all four original members from Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow show is on there!

If you’ve never seen it… You must! KISS fan or not!

Ace is drunk or high… Perhaps both! He’s totally off the wall and letting it all hang out. Peter joins in on the shenanigans and helps Ace give away valuable secrets on the KISS mythology. All the while… A helpless and visibly disturbed Gene and Paul go along for the bumpy ride. You can see them cut their eyes towards Peter and Ace during the interview. Oh it’s great stuff!

And from watching it… You can see the breakup of the original lineup wasn’t too far off in the distance.

Here’s the link on You Tube! Enjoy.

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