Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne 'Black Rain'

Ozzy Osbourne’s new CD is the musical choice of the day. I’ve been listening to it every time I climb into Roxy and point her towards the direction I’m going. Ozzy claims that he recorded this new album completely sober… And I must admit… As surely as bull biscuits steam on a cold morning… It sounds that way.

I don’t know… Maybe it just has to grow on me like Paul Stanley’s solo CD did.

I’ve been asked numerous times as to why I don’t carry feeders on my blog. So I finally checked into it last night. From all the helpful things that I found online… I was under the impression that it would take little effort and that it was as simple as getting Rosie O’ Donnell to eat something.

Boy were they WRONG!

I now have a bald patch on the back of my head where I did some “anger-weeding” while trying to figure it out. Two hours of my life were thrown away following their “easy” instructions. Grrrrrrr….

So after our meeting at work this morning… I asked our Night Guy, Neil Matson, about what I was doing wrong. And after an hour of watching Neil (who is our website developer and maintainer) pull his hair out… We reached a level of success. If you look on the sidebar, I now have a feeder there.

If you’re so inclined, by all means, get this joker fed to you. I’m under the impression that it will tell you when I post new updates and all that jazz. Life is grand and quite simple in this bold new high-tech world… And I’m on the outside looking in with confusion on my face.

Neil also pointed out that Blogger already has a feeder and my blog shows up on his little service. Something that I did not know.

Man… I’m am so NOT in tune with this Internet crap.

Something else that I’m not in tune with is our copiers at work…

I had to type up a report and then make copies to distribute to folks in tomorrow’s meeting. There’s a copier up on the sales floor that makes multiples that are separated and stapled. Some service cat was working on it today and all appeared well when I got there… Except one thing… There was a paper jam.

I opened that baby up, found the culprit, and took care of it. I put the pieces back into place and went to do my thing with it. Lo and behold, the damn thing shut itself off! I tried everything that my feeble mind knew to do in order to get it started again, but it was to no avail.

I requested the services of C. Meeks and she couldn’t figure that bitch out!

It seems that I killed it. And to my surprise, C. Meeks wanted to organize a parade for me to honor the killing of the blasted machine. I requested a ticker-tape type of affair. She’s hooking up the marching bands and cheerleaders for it.

Then I took the next logical step and went to do my business with the machine on the second floor. That damn thing kept jamming up.

And the next logical step?

I went home and I’ll deal with it tomorrow. I’m all out of hair to “anger-weed”.

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