Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Black Sabbath 'The Dio Years'

Spring is here and I can fully enjoy riding around in my truck Roxy with the windows down. And to make it even more pleasurable, the sound she was making since her engine was replaced has finally stopped. No longer does Roxy sound as if there’s a 700 pound cricket rubbing its legs together beneath the hood. She sounds normal and quiet. It’s starting to feel comfortable again.

The movies that I’ve been getting from Netflix have been really chokey lately. I gave Man Of The Year, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Holiday, and Candy all 2 stars which means that I “didn’t really like” them.

I tried watching Eragon and that joker was tossed from my DVD player in under 20 minutes. It got only 1 out of 5 stars. It was derivative crap! I guess they were trying to capitalize on the same kind of junk that is Lord Of The Rings. Ugh! How I hated that pile of rat feces!

Thank Buddha that I got one of my older rentals in the mix… MST3K: Mitchell. That should cleanse the palate of all that cinematic rubbish that I’ve been seeing lately. Odd though… A bad movie with hecklers at the bottom of the screen used to cleanse the palate… Sometimes those cats are hilarious.

I started putting new releases in alphabetical order at the top of my Netflix queue. I do it so I can kind of stay up to date with new releases. There’s also a randomness that I enjoy because I never truly know what I will get next because some are on “short wait” or “long wait”. And sometimes those little “waits” don’t matter because they will surprise me from time to time by sending me something I had no hope of getting soon.

Is that an OCD?

Since I started putting the new releases at the top of my queue… I started getting behind and a logjam has occurred with my regular rentals that aren’t so new. So I have decided to mix those jokers in with the new releases. But only 5 at a time are in play with the rotation.

Am I sick in some way?

I don’t know, but I’ve always enjoyed the randomness that life will most definitely present you with. Perhaps it’s a gambling thing with me, I don’t know.

But I don’t really gamble… I have only played the Powerball lottery once since we’ve had it in North Carolina. The first day they had the scratch lottery type of cards out, I purchased 5. I have yet to purchase anymore of them. So it’s not like I have a problem with randomness, I just enjoy all the probabilities.

One gem that I have discovered with Netflix… The failed FOX TV series Wonderfalls. There’s only 3 discs of this fine show that didn’t make it and so far its riding between 4 and 5 stars. I will tell you more about it when I finish it.


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    OMG... I am in shock and I don't mean the good kind!

    Ok so you like the spice girls and trust me my head is still trying to get around that one... but ... BUT you DON'T like The lord of the rings movies? Ok... Eugene we seriously need to teach you good from bad because trust me mate, your ideals are totally screwed up!!!

    How could you not like three of the most amazing films made on all levels they are mind blowing and have it all... great stories, a great cast... amazing cgi... so please what don't you like? lol


  2. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Does disliking Lord of The Rings make up for liking The Spice Girls? I don't know... but it's pretty close. I tried to watch those movies once, all back to back.. and by the end of it all, I wanted to throw myself into a fiery pit of molten lava. Talk about stretching a story out!

  3. Alana,

    The Lord Of The Rings was in my opinion, one of the most boring films ever made. I fell asleep twice and the only reason I didn't walk out of the crowded theater... I didn't want to disturb or anger the geeks in attendance.

    I don't know if you've ever seen Skittles commercials over there in the Old Country, but that movie was like watching a 3 hour Skittles spot.

  4. Kim...

    I understand your pain and I refuse to see the sequels.

  5. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I watched the first LOTR when trapped in a room surrounded by fresh paint. I think I would rather stare at the wall than sit through the other two films.

    And the celery joke continues to elude me.

  6. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Omg well I loved them and think they are fantastic! :P lol

  7. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Gawd. I couldn't make it through the first LOTR, much less three of them.

    I liked Holiday, though. Of course, I had pnumonia and I was captive inside the house with the choice of a chick flick or daytime TV, since I was already caught up on all of my DVRed programs. If I was a dude, I'd be seriously crushing on Kate Winslet.

    I, too love this time of year. Despite the pollen, I'm riding around town with my new sunroof haircut (short, spiky and messy) with the windows down and the sunroof on the Blue Meanie open to the max. And of course, the music is up at high volume if the boy isn't in the car.

    And for a totally random comment, the posting password of the day is "drkllhy" and my stepdaughter's name is Kelly, she has her doctorate, and she's sometimes known as "Dr.K". I thought that was funny.

  8. drkllhy... That is so totally cool!

    My little posting word for this entry "vburg". I wonder what that means?

  9. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I too will jump on the bandwagon with those who despise the LOTR trilogy. I cannot sit through hobbits walking. I beleive Randall from Clerks 2 summed it up best....alot of walking.

    Also, I hate Orlando Bloom tyoo much to watch it or any of the Pirates movies.

  10. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Yes, I have found my people! Hobbit-haters unite! Take that, Team Whitley! (I refuse to see Pirates due a dual loathing of all things both Bloom and Depp.)

    I went to the video store last night (That's right, an actual video store. Yes, I am old school... tonight I will be using an actual VCR to tape "Lost".) and picked up "Beerfest", "Children of Men" and "Man of The Year". So far I have only seen two of them and, I don't know what this says for my taste in movies, but the better of the two involved international drunkenness and not a world without babies.

    I usually take so long to compose a post that my word expires and I end up having to get a 2nd one to actually post. So, for now it's "retagv" let's see if it stands the test of time.

  11. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Kim, I've said it before and I'll say it again -- you and I could totally watch TV and drink together. I did finally join the DVR crowd and OMG I don't know how I lived without it. I get the "bonus word verification" more often than not, too.

    Eugene - vburg is for veggie burger because it's honoring the fact that you're eating healthier. I'm amused by these nonsense words more often than I'd care to admit. (ugmzp)