Monday, March 26, 2007

The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show 3/12/04 #1

I’ve got some good news! My Aunt Jo isn’t as bad off as we had previously thought!

I got the information third hand and I’m sure all the details weren’t complete.

Here’s what I know as truth… Her granddaughter found her lying on the floor unconscious. She wasn’t responding to anything. She was taken to the hospital were she still didn’t respond to stimuli. She wasn’t brain-dead, but she was in some sort of diabetic coma. She comes in and out of consciousness.

If you’re inclined to say a little prayer for her, that would be appreciated.

Details are still sketchy, but for the most part, I don’t think I’ll be helping to carry her casket this week.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about the best James Bond film EVER!

I got to watch Casino Royale last week and now Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond. This particular James Bond isn’t the cartoon type of character seen in all the previous films. The “new” Bond is a cold-blooded killer. The way he should have been all this time.

The action in Casino Royale is practically non-stop. There aren’t too many gadgets in this film that’s so prevalent in all the others and that’s a good thing. This Bond is a bare-bones, killing-machine spy.

When the new Bond was asked in Casino Royale whether he wanted his martini shaken or stirred, he asked, “Do I look like I care?”

If you haven’t seen it… I urge you to check it out.

And for those of you keeping score… Craig took the top “Bond Spot” away from Roger Moore.

Live And Let Die was my favorite Bond picture up to now. Seriously, you cannot go wrong taking a blaxploitation approach to make a Bond movie cooler. Throw in a little voodoo, a Paul McCartney song, Yaphet Kotto, and a sexy Jane Seymour… And you have a delicious and fun flick. I know it’s a bad one, but it’s WAY better than the horrendous Moonraker.

Mmmmm… Jane Seymour.

Well that’s gonna do it for me today… I still have a lot of things going on at work that need my attention. Netflix and drinking alcohol have to take a backseat again.

Thanks for checking back. I’ll try to keep up with things on this here blog of mine. I still have a story to tell you about concerning my cousin Dan’s “banana hook”.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more about the new Bond - love the guy, love the angle!

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Jane Seymour likes to be called Kitty Kat. Don't you forget it.

  3. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Just like Christopher Walken, Yaphet Kotto = Good Times!!!!

    And not even the mighty Barney could conquer the "cougar" known as Jane Seymour.