Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Muddy Waters 'Rolling Stone'

Roxy, my truck, is getting on my nerves. I got her back with a new engine and I do love her… What’s driving me crazy is her “new noise”. Since the engine change, her belt has been making the most awful racket. It sounds like the giant ants from the movie Them!.

You can hear me coming from 500 yards away. When I drive by folks that are out walking their dogs, I can see the animals ahead of me turning their heads in order to see what’s coming their way. Just the other day when I got close, a dog barked at me.

I know deep down inside, it will go away soon. It’s just a matter of time.

Yesterday when I took my father to King to pick up the Taurus Wagon (remember the water pump that went out because I rode in it), the noise seems to have gotten louder. Only the stereo jacked up to Motorhead levels keeps me from piercing my eardrums with my truck keys.

Then today it was completely different. The sound was there when Roxy was idling low and it was very tolerable. But when I got some RPM’s going, the sound got higher in pitch and it could be heard over my musical choice of the day, Muddy Waters ‘Rolling Stone’. Muddy and the ants from Them! really do not go well together. It’s unnatural and unpleasant. It’s like tuna fish mixed with peanut butter.

And with the day that I had, what I need is a tall glass filled with ice and Jim Beam Black.

Now to my Netflix… The Illusionist was really good and much better than I expected. It’s a romantic little flick that’s perfect for men who don’t care for romance flicks. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars!

I have Borat waiting to be screened in the next room. And as soon as I finish this update, that baby will be ON!

I know…. This is a short update, but I’m on the run all this week. I meant to get something in yesterday, but it obviously didn’t happen. Please accept my apologies and thanks for keeping check.

Here’s the usual call out for new Netflix friends…. eugenebsims@yahoo.com

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