Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Beastie Boys 'Ill Communication'

I have watched the Borat DVD from Netflix and I declare it… One of the funniest films that I have ever seen!

The laughs just kept coming with that flick. Even the “surplus footage” was hysterical. I don’t know how much of the film was real or how much was staged. And in all honesty, it doesn’t matter! Borat is complete genius!

I’m just sorry that I didn’t get to see it at one of our fine Cineplex’s in order to gauge the reactions of everyone else in the theater. I think the last DVD that made me laugh that hard was Team America: World Police. So I’m guessing that if you’re a fan of Team America, you won’t have any problems with what goes on in the film Borat.

I gave that joker 5 out of 5 stars on Netflix!

The scene where Borat goes out in front of a rodeo crowd in Salem, VA to shout out his praise for the war on terrorism and President Bush was priceless.

Rent it! Buy it! Do whatever it takes to see Borat.

A few years ago, we had a salesman at Dick Broadcasting Company (WKRR/Rock 92 & WKZL/1075KZL) by the name of Ryan Shelton. Ryan is ambitious and personable. In salesperson’s terms, Mr. Shelton is gold.

Ryan would often ask me to come and help out at his remotes for establishments with adult entertainment. I only met him once at Christie’s Cabaret because I thought he was serious about needing my help. I had to work a van appearance at the Winston-Salem Warthogs game hours before I had to be at a remote for Miller at The Blind Tiger (one of my favorite places for live music).

I got to Christie’s to meet Ryan and from what I could tell, he didn’t really need my help as much as he wanted some company.

Now, as I have written before, I’m not all that fond of gentleman’s clubs because they make me a little uncomfortable. So with seeing that Ryan didn’t really require my assistance with anything, I decided to go some place where the beer is a little cheaper. That was the only time I ever hit a gentleman’s club with Ryan.

Ryan also had Chester’s as one of his clients. Ryan helped out with their car shows and the other events they had during the years. Ryan was constantly providing his adult entertainment clients with the best service possible. In essence, Mr. Shelton is a dynamo.

After I wrote about hitting Chester’s with Kristina, her mother Ann, and stepfather Miles… An eagle-eyed Brad “Hinzy” Hines noticed something odd in one of the pictures on the Chester’s website. If you look closely on the left hand side, you will see Ryan Shelton’s face reflected in the mirror.

For some reason, I think that’s hysterical.

Ryan left us over a year ago for the fertile green pastures in Tampa, FL. At times, I would open up the back of the Rock 92 van and say his name over and over again with an avalanche of curse words. He usually left it a complete disaster. But I miss the joker.


  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Good eyes Brad!
    OMG! That is a RIOT! I miss ol Ryan.....well, I actually miss him getting me into any strip club in town for free.

    BTW, outstanding music selection.

  2. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Ill Communication. What a classic CD. Sabotage still remains as one of my favorite videos of all time.

    Me and the Teeter crew went to see Borat on opening day. It indeed does induce major laughter like Team America does. I hope you got your buck oh five, because Mr. Jesus wouldn't be pleased.