Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shakira 'Oral Fixation Vol. 2'

I thought that I would never say anything like this… But I’m getting very tired of laying around and watching TV.

This sickness has me lying around watching DVD’s from Netflix and some other things that I need to watch.

Speaking of Netflix… Crank sucked big time! A complete rip-off of Speed and a complete waste of time. But did I let it go on after my 20-minute test?

You bet I did! But once I got to the hour mark, I decided to check out the ending before shoving it back into its envelope and sending it back on it’s way. I will say this… I liked the ending. Two out of five stars.

Idlewild featuring the guys from Outkast also bit the big one! When will everyone learn from Prince’s mistake? No one wants another Under The Cherry Moon. Not even Prince. Idlewild was also a little too musical like for my tastes. Two out of five stars.

In the television series department, I checked out Mission Hill. I had read good things about this animated series that had failed miserably… For instance critics referred to it as “uproarious”.

If Mission Hill is “uproarious”, then I’ve been called a 93 pound ballerina with great balance and control.

Unfortunately, disc two was sent out to me before I could delete it from my queue.

I’ve been digging on season four of the X-Files that I borrowed from my friend Tim Beeman over a year ago. I find it hard to believe how things have changed since that show was on the air. The cars look almost like antiques and cell phones were about the size of a universal remote control. Overall, the stories and special effects still hold up.

Well, that is all for today. I’m sorry about the shortness of this update, but laying around and bitching about is all I feel like doing. In my 4 years of working at Rock 92, Tuesday was the first time that I ever called in sick. And today is the first day where I feel okay enough to be alive. I don’t know if I have the flu or whatever, but it has thoroughly kicked my ass.


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Dude, Jason Statham kicks metric tons of ass! How could you not like that movie!?!? Turkish > Neo. Plain and simple. As far as your sickness goes, sorry to hear about that. It seems that the 3rd shifters at my Harris Teeter ( God, I hat that slogan ) have also been stricken with massive viral infections, most notably pneumonia. The only one still walking is me. I'm a sole survivor! ( R.I.P. Owen Hart.)

  2. Anonymous4:07 AM

    I must concur with the poster above me that Neo does indeed suck!

    I hate musicals (except "Grease" and "Annie", but whatever...) but I liked Idlewild well enough. That could be because I like Outkast, which some people found shocking, and had already heard most of the songs before the movie. In fact that was the only movie I saw in the theaters and the soundtrack the only legit new cd I purchased in all of 2006. Man, that is sad. It is in no way proof of some crazy "I love Outkast!" thing... just that movies are too expensive, and most new cds crap (and expensive too)