Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pink Floyd 'Works'

Finally… There’s light at the end of my sickness tunnel. I have weaned myself of the day and night meds. I can breathe freely, but I have a cough that causes my diaphragm to sit up and say, “Enough already!”

My throat isn’t as sore as I thought it would be so I’m thinking that I got off pretty lucky in that department. After all, I happen to use my voice a lot in my line of work.

This past week I had a lot of time to catch up on all things television. And believe it or not, there were many times when I didn’t want to watch television. During those times, I took a nap.

As for the current season of television… I’m all caught up. I am fully prepared for the onslaught coming from the sixth season of 24.

Last year, I got behind on 24 and was blown out of the water (*****SPOILER ALERT FOR KRISTINA*****) when Deidre told me during the 2 Guys Named Chris show that Edgar had died. I have made a promise to myself to not let this happen again. I will do the same that I have done for Battlestar Galactica… Tape it and watch it immediately.

I finished off the DVD set of The X-Files season four. There were too many “dud” shows in that season that brought down the overall rating to 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix.

On Friday night, a night usually reserved for drinking and other frivolity with friends, I found myself doing laundry and watching season five of Seinfeld. It’s not a good thing to watch when your diaphragm muscle screams every time you laugh.

Thanks to Netflix! I received 3 discs in the mail just a few minutes ago. Little Miss Sunshine, The Last Kiss, and disc one of season one of Entourage.

Finally… When I’m starting to feel like leaving the house… I get some decent things from Netflix. Sometimes God can be a very funny being.

I received Jackass: The Movie from Netflix on Friday and immediately put it in the DVD player. I found it crass, juvenile, disgusting, moronic, and yet I could not look away.

Whether it’s backyard wrestling in broken glass, professional wrestling with barbed wire, or dumb asses putting electric shock muscle stimulators between their corn holes and nut sacks for my entertainment… I’ll watch it.

Jackass: The Movie got 3 out of 5 stars from me. The cast represents the types of guys that I have always steered clear of. The type of guys that bond when balls are busted and bottle rockets are lit close to another guy’s turd cutter. I’ve known a few like that in my life, but we were never close. Keeping constant watch over my hanging chads isn’t my idea of good “hanging out”.

Why do guys like giving each other pops in the crotch?

I’ve noticed that my nephew has started doing that.

Is it because he now has a brother (stepbrother) and that’s what brother’s do?

I’ve never had a brother and my mother isn’t able to churn one out these days so I guess I’ll never know.

Call out for Netflix friends…. Enter my email addresses and we can share in the love… and

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