Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Muddy Waters 'Trouble No More - Singles (1955-1959)'

No Starz ‘Violation’ today… That was yesterday’s musical choice. I didn’t get a chance to write up an entry, so…. Today, it’s all about Muddy Waters, baby!

I got a call today from my friend, who wanted to know how to program her VCR so that she could tape American Idol. I managed to keep my snide little comments about the show to myself. Oh! She’ll easily tell me that my shows and television in general is crap, but if I were to start harping on her about shows that feature glorified karaoke singers, she’d rip me a new one.

Here’s my philosophy… If you’re not going to watch it over and over again… And if it’s not going to be running on TV Land 30 years down the road, why watch it now?

With the exceptions of Cops and WWE Tough Enough, I have found no reason to watch reality shows. People will not be clamoring to see 30 year old reruns of Survivor and The Apprentice in the future. I guarantee it! As Robert Blake used to say, “You can take that to the bank.”

In my opinion, there’s no reason to waste your time watching American Idol the first time if you’re never going to watch it a few more times in the coming decades.

Back to my friend… I told her that I’d drop by her house and see what she was doing wrong, if anything. I’ve used her VCR before with success despite the difficulty with programming it. When I dropped by her office, I suggested that she look into getting one of those new-fangled DVR’s that all the kids are using these days. She said she didn’t want to pay for it and she even said… Are you sitting down?... She’s even thought about getting rid of cable for good!

I couldn’t believe my ears! It was like hearing the F-word being yelled out at the top of someone’s lungs in church during a funeral! I wanted to pick her up by the shoulders, shake some sense into her, and yell “What’s wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? Where are the hippies that have brainwashed you?” into her face.

I auto-programmed it and we went from there. She was in a hurry and couldn’t waste the time on figuring it out. So I’m thinking that it’s going to start recording and everything will be fine. If not, I’m sure I will hear about it.

I’m sure she needs to hear Randy Jackson refer to everyone as “dawg” a few more hundred times. I’m sure she needs to hear Simon wise-crack someone until she can see someone cry about it. I’m sure she has to place bets with all her friends on who Paula Abdul is going to bang next.

But you know what?

My friend can sing very well. She even tried to audition for the show a while back in Greensboro. And if she were to tryout again, I’d support her 150%! Hell! I’d go with her to the audition. I would actually watch the damn show. I would be her biggest fan.


  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

    I am of the opinion that if everyone just ignores "American Idol" it will go away. I'm doing my part, glad to see you are too.

    On a sadder note, I know of one totally cable-free household where people are forced to make due watching tv on YouTube. I will not name names or point fingers, but I will say "big hair" and "Harris-Teeter".

  2. OMG! And they're a happy couple???

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Our TV is nearing the end of its life, and when that new TV gets purchased, I'm totally upgrading my cable to digital and getting a DVR and Showtime. One word: Weeds!

    When we were dating, my (now) husband's child support was increased exponentially. The first thing to go was cable TV. When he finally popped the question later that year, I think the conversation went something like this: "Will you marry me? Can we get the cable turned back on when you move in?"

    I'd be divorced without cable TV.

  4. Anonymous1:53 AM

    A new tv and a dvr is the new dream. I don't know how those cable-free people are making it. It's pure craziness.

    We have had cable for as long as I can remember. Seriously, there has never, ever been a time where I cable-free. It's just not a possibility. I wil lose the internet and the phone before the cable goes bye-bye.

    The start of my word verification code is "tv".. I think it's a sign.