Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mason Ruffner 'Gypsy Blood'

I meant to write about this some time ago, but you know how it goes… People get busy or just plain forget.

I like the NBC show Medium. I’ve liked it from the get-go and I’ve been an avid viewer since it premiered. The show, at times, can be very creative and dramatic.

It’s about a woman who has supernatural special abilities. She communicates with the dead. And she also has dreams that will lead her to the truth in her particular job as “special” assistant to the District Attorney of Phoenix. Her abilities are “hush-hush” to anyone other than the DA and a rugged detective.

On last week’s episode, she kept having dreams about a teenage boy who was trapped in some sort of sinkhole. When she wasn’t dreaming, she was hearing the teenager screaming for help. She doesn’t understand why she keeps getting the dreams and the other bonuses because it has nothing to do with her current case, the death of a Senator.

So with the help of her husband, she finds out where the boy could be. Armed with a map and a bottle of water, she locates the boy in the hole.

Now… As a viewer, I’m talking to my television like a black woman in the back of a movie theater. I’m practically yelling, “He’s DEAD! Dammit, Allison… The kid is dead.”

She talks to the kid, tosses down the bottle of water, and gets on the horn for the finest in Phoenix to rescue him. When the troops arrive, they look down the hole and see a bicycle and the kid’s skeleton. Yeah… He was dead.

I’ve been watching the show for what… 3 years now? I know the deal. She rarely has dreams or visions where the main character is alive. They’re usually dead.

Why doesn’t she realize that? If the character of Allison was a real person; she would absolutely know the kid was dead before calling in the troops.

Damn… The show can be aggravating, but I truly dig it.

From a suggestion from Brad, I checked out the flick 21 Grams from Netflix.

It almost failed my 20-minute test because it seemed disjointed and it was seriously confusing me. Since Brad suggested it (he is rarely wrong), I stuck it out. 21 Grams finally started to come together and the damnedest thing happened… I really enjoyed it. The lives of a housewife, transplant recipient, and an overzealous Christian/ex-con come together for one storyline. It’s like they took a movie, filmed it in exact storyline order, and then cut it to pieces to put it back together with in particular order. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars and it is worth seeing.

I also watched Jackass 2: The Movie. And for some reason, I liked the second one better than the first one. Again, those flicks are rude, crude, and juvenile… But I liked them. I’ve never watched the show and I have no real desire to see them. But as long as they make 90-minute movies where jackasses will hurt themselves for my entertainment, I’ll keep watching.

Jackass 2: The Movie got, believe it or not, 4 out of 5 stars out of me.

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