Tuesday, December 05, 2006

‘Midnight Mover’ The Bobby Womack Collection

Sorry about not getting an update posted yesterday…

Coup Delicious and I worked a holiday party gig last Saturday and if you were to pass by the room, you would think someone was throwing it for a roomful of mannequins. The party was deader than Lincoln. In comparison, a rock would have had a stronger heartbeat than the party we were working. Coup tried almost everything to get those people up and moving. Out of about 60 to 70 people, the most folks on the dance floor numbered 16.

And don’t even get me started on the video presentation that was shown for the party attendees… The company’s owner got up and gave a speech on the past year. It was as interesting as making out with a fence post. The guy spoke broken English thick with, I believe, a German accent.

The film started with a shot of a Shoney’s parking lot. We watched as three people came out, looked at the camera, and then made their way to their cars. I leaned over to Coup and said, “Man, this looks like some Super 8 footage. In this next shot, we will see the Kennedy motorcade pass by…”

We watched as the cars made their way to the business started up by the company owner’s father. We saw ground being broken as the spirit of the partygoers was being broken as well. It was painfully boring. There was no dialogue with jokes thrown in for even the smallest amount of entertainment. Personally, I would have found a film expose’ on road kill more interesting.

Maybe that’s why the partygoers weren’t in such a party mood… They were too lethargic from the presentation. Oh well…

Monday, before I went to work, I met Kristina at Breakers in the Quaker Village Shopping Center. You can shoot pool for free from 4 to 8pm and we did just that. And of course, we knocked back our fair share of beer. When that beer had to evacuate my body, I found something very interesting in the urinal…

As a guy, you walk up and inspect the receptacle you’re about to christen. There’s usually a webbed piece of plastic that sometimes comes equipped with a deodorant puck. It’s webbed to keep the refuse like cigarette butts and other garbage from going in the pipes and clogging it up. Usually, I’ll see a logo from Swisher at the top of this webbed device, but this time, there was nothing but a black rectangular shape. And when my urine hit it, the heat in my former beers lightened up the black to reveal an advertisement for the movie sequel to National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. I thought to myself as I stood there spraying used Yuengling all over it… What an ingenious idea!

Then when I flushed, the cool water made the advertisement go all black again. PURE GENIUS!

Kristina and I had a great time shooting pool and playing tunes on the jukebox. I’ve known the lovely Kristina for over a year now and I had no idea that she was a “pool shark”. She’s damn good! So good in fact, she has her own stick that she keeps in the trunk of her car in case she needs to make some quick cash.

She taught me how to rack up and play 9 ball. I must admit, she was patient with me. She’s miles above me, but she took the time to explain things and show me a few tricks when it comes to sinking balls.

It was a damn good time! I started calling her “San Diego Fats” and she said that I’m not half bad.

I think that I’ll keep my night job.

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    I found something very interesting in the urinal…

    Now there's a sentence you don't read every day.