Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cheap Trick 'In Color'

Sunday afternoon, I fired up the DVD player with the animated Star Trek series for my 6 year old nephew, Preston. I’ve tried to get him watching the original live-action series, but for some reason, it bored him. I thought he would dig it because of all the fightin’ and lovin’ that Captain Kirk gets into. Just like Pat Benatar, Kirk would rather put up the dukes and get down to it instead of sinking into the quicksand that is called diplomacy.

I can see why Preston would get bored with Picard and the others from the different series, but Kirk appealed to me as a youth. I figured the same for Preston. But with cartoons found 24/7 on more than a handful of networks, he has become spoiled. So when they announced the release of the Star Trek animated series, I knew that it could be the perfect bridge to the original and the rest of the Star Trek universe.

So we sat down and started with disc one of the complete series and Preston said that he liked Captain Kirk. When I asked why, he said that Captain Kirk has sex with all the girls on the show.

I had to take a step back on that and asked, “So… What do you know about sex?”

Preston quickly piped up and said, “Kissing and stuff. I have sex with my mommy all the time.”

I tried very hard not to laugh and said, “Preston… It’s probably a good idea not the run around and tell everyone what you just told me. You should keep that to yourself.”

Last night, we had a dinner for my father’s birthday and I told the story to his mother and stepfather. They busted out!

Now to my Netflix habit…

I finished up the complete series of Undeclared and deemed it worthy of 4 out of 5 stars. My friend Brad gave it 5 stars, but I think he has the inside view on college life because I never went. I thought the show was really good, but only 2 episodes were “knocked out of the park” funny.

I keep a journal where I rate each episode and take the average for rating purposes on Netflix. Pretty sad, I know, but I’m a freak about such things. Some guys have sports and fill their heads with unnecessary statistics… Movies and television series are my brain candies.

The biggest surprise in my rental activity was John Tucker Must Die.

It’s not a great film in the sense that you come away with something deep and meaningful. It’s great because it’s entertaining! I gave John Tucker Must Die 4 out of 5 stars.

It’s about a womanizing high school guy that keeps a harem of girlfriends. He makes them feel like they were the only ones in his love life. The ladies find out about it and with the help of a girl with previous experience with “players”, they exact revenge on Mr. Tucker.

No matter what they throw at Tucker, he manages to spin the revenge to his advantage and he’s still seen as “Mr. Nice n’ Dreamy”.

I highly recommend this flick!

I tried watching Waist Deep yesterday afternoon and it failed my 20-minute test. It was total and utter crap! I gave it only 1 star.

Stay away from that flick!

I just started The Closer and I’m itching to get back to it right now. My friend Christine suggested it, but I wasn’t jumping on it because it’s a TNT original. I’ve never really seen anything good from that network.

I’m totally digging The Closer.

And since I’m talking about television shows… I’m cutting one out of my schedule… Jericho. It’s just not keeping my attention. The foreground story that involves bombs destroying a lot of the big cities and how the town is cut off from the rest of the world is interesting. But the little subplots that give it a soap opera appeal is going nowhere. I now feel like I’m wasting my time with this show so I’m bailing out.

I’m done with Jericho.

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    I'm so glad you are digging my show. Keep on watching. Thankew.