Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lenny Kravitz ‘Mama Said’

Wanna hear weird?

I threw a VHS tape into my machine to watch the second episode of Heroes from October 2nd. I’ve started alternating tapes and Netflix in order to get a little caught up with the rest of the world on television.

In this particular episode, the Japanese cat from the Land of the Rising Sun has teleported to the Big Apple and stumbles on a comic book describing in detail, his life. He looks up the cat that wrote and published the comic and stumbles upon a gruesome murder scene. Brother Bacon is there to catch him in the act of stumbling and of course, suspect him.

He explains that he teleported from Japan and when detectives make the call to confer with his friend halfway across the world, they find out that Mr. Teleportation has been missing for 5 weeks. Mr. Teleportation looks at his watch and sees the date of October 2nd (when the episode originally aired for the first time).

Are you ready for the weird?

The detective shoves a newspaper in front of Mr. Teleportation and taps on the date at the top of the page. It read November 8. The very day that I’m watching it!

I love that kind of crap!

I remember one rainy weekend when a girlfriend’s roommate rented a bunch of videos. We put in the Alfred Hitchcock classic starring Henry Fonda, The Wrong Man. During a trial scene, someone asked Fonda’s character where he was and what he was doing on a particular date. The very day that we were watching the film for the first time!

I nearly sprayed beer through my nose and across the room!

I don’t know why I enjoy those types of moments, but I do. I also like hearing or seeing my birth date in movies. Once while watching an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, there was a tombstone where a guy died on my birthday. I thought it was pretty damn cool. Or maybe I’m just easily entertained?

I now have two episodes of Ugly Betty under my belt and I’m really starting to dig the show. I’m not a fashionable kind of guy and I care nothing about fashion or the fashion industry, but I’m really warming up to Ugly Betty.

I’ve also knocked out the season premiere of Supernatural and it seems that I totally missed the previous season’s cliffhanger. I watched the stuff that gets you all caught up and freshens your memory to get you going once again, but I’m sitting there scratching my head wondering what the hell happened. How did I miss it? I thought I was very diligent in catching all of the episodes.

Oh well, some will fall between the cracks. The hardest thing about watching my backlog of taped shows is to make sure that I’m watching them in chronological order. I slipped up on Nip/Tuck when I thought I missed a week. I just didn’t list the episode on the Post-It attached to the VHS tape that’s all. And all was cool with civilization.


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Ugly Betty is awesome. And I am in NO WAY a fashionable kind of chick.

    Unless tie-dye and Birkenstocks suddenly become all the rage. And then I want all of the credit for starting a trend.