Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eric Clapton ‘Money And Cigarettes’

Well, I managed to knock out the season opener of Lost and within the first few minutes of the show, my jaw was left hanging so open that a small homeless man could have found shelter. I don’t want to give anything away because I know that my friend Kristina is just starting up with season one and she reads this blog from time to time. But my goodness, I couldn’t believe what had happened! A big ol’ question was answered and replaced by more questions. I frakking love this show!

I recently watched Thank You For Smoking and Nacho Libre. They are definitely two very different types of comedy. Thank You For Smoking was frakking hilarious and Nacho Libre was the type of comedy that’s as funny as watching a tracheotomy being performed.

Sure, my six-year-old nephew Preston laughed his little butt off during the flick, but I found Nacho Libre as appetizing as most Mexican dishes, which I don’t enjoy. I gave it only 2 stars on Netflix.

As for Thank You For Smoking, I gave that joker the full, five star treatment. And I suggest you rent or purchase this DVD.

I also managed to watch the first two episodes on disc 2 of season one of Six Feet Under. And I’m here to tell ya… They knocked the bitch out of the park!

The first disc of season one didn’t really move me, but when I got to the ‘Familia’ and ‘Open Book’, I couldn’t stop watching the damn show. So now I’m seeing how good a show it’s capable of being and I’m going to ride out the rest of the seasons. I’m a believer now!

I’ve been thinking about doing something crazy… Perhaps it’s even a little dangerous.

I’m thinking about eliminating the television for one day out of the week.

I will not watch anything on DVD. I will not watch anything on VHS. I will not watch anything on FOX. I will not watch the idiot box.

I’m thinking about just enjoying silence or some music instead of watching the television. I know, I know what you’re thinking… It could very well kill me!

Maybe I’ll get out of the house and enjoy some nature? Get a little exercise? Or find out where all the prostitutes hang out in this town?

I see nothing but “pluses” when I start thinking about giving up television for one day out of my week.

The tough part is trying to find out which day to eliminate. Sundays are still in the game because of NASCAR and my Redskins. But that can change once the Skins have been eliminated and then I won’t care about the rest of the post season. NASCAR’s season ends in a couple of weeks and won’t start up until February, so that could be an easy stretch.

Monday is a possibility, but I tend to use that day as a catch up day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are great days for boob tube elimination! There’s nothing much going on.

Friday and Saturday is out because of Battlestar Galactica. To me, that’s “must see TV”.

Again, I’m only thinking about it. Feel free to leave a comment or two.


  1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Excellent move with Six Feet Under. It started slow for me too, but once I caught up with it later, I realized how truly great it was.

    My new campaign is to try to get someone in the house on the Lost bandwagon, but they are resisting.. and reisisting hard. I am all excited about the new season and the big cliffhanger deal tomorrow, and I can't even discuss it because no one here knows what I am talking about. (And, out of respect for your being back on ep 1, I won't mention it here either) I know I will be shouting at the tv tomorrow night, but I can't let any of them see it because I don't want to.. how can I say this without spoiling anyone? I don't want to ruin the "is he or isn't he?" from season 2. Charles passes through the room enough to know that the first rule of Lost is "I hate Jack," but that's about all he's got. He doesn't know Hurley from Desmond, and that's just wrong. He knows the basics, but did not understand why I was so excited about that opening scene. Once I explained it, he was like "oh."

    In a weird CSI-Lost tradeoff, I showed Ma one of the season 1 recap shows the other day, and when it was over, instead of cutting the tape off, she stuck with it for about 4 hours... right up until the finale. I think she is slightly intrigued, so it's a small victory. I am thinking of using the upcoming hiatus to get them all caught up, so that when this season resumes, I will have someone to share my excitemnt/disgust with.

  2. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I too am a big Lost fan. My husband is totally disinterested in the show, so he retreats for the basement on Wednesdays at 8:55 when I demand control of the TV remote in the living room. DEMAND!

    So I curl up on the couch, dim the lights, pour myself a glass of wine and have an hour of peace with the most bizarre show on TV.

    It would be much more fun if hubby liked it, though. It's definitely a show that's fun to discuss.

    I hate Jack, too. Wanna come over and watch with me, Kim? I have wine and two spoiled schnauzers. Ha ha.

  3. What is it with Jack? Why do you hate him?


  4. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Self-righteous prick factor. Or something.

    Sawyer's more my kind of man. He's so baaaaaaaaaaaad.

  5. Anonymous5:40 PM

    ^----- 100% what she said.

    I have never really liked him. I think it's a pretty good mix of his "I'm the boss! I must always be listened to!" attitude and his "I will save you!" complex. Plus, he is simply just not as interesting as most of the other people on the island. It seems like every other episode is a Jack flasback, and I'm just done with him. Running a close second in characters who should be sacrificed to The Island immediately... Kate.

  6. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Scoot over on the "I hate Jack" couch. Try as the writers might, I just can't work up much sympathy over his charmed past life. Rich surgeon son of a rich surgeon, beautiful wife, six-pack abs, etc. And they want me to think it sucked to be him?

  7. I just hate that they killed off Hurley's love interest. Man, I think she is hot!

    As for Jack, I'm rather indifferent about him. I feel the same about Kate.

    I can't stand Michael, Walt's dad. He makes me want to get up and slap somebody because he's nowhere near me!

    All that crap with "SAVING MY SON!" really worked my hole.

  8. Anonymous8:45 PM

    OK all you Jack haters, just come on over here, grab a beer and let's sit and watch Lost.

    Though you'd better hurry 'cause the beer is going quickly tonight. I found out today that I don't have cancer and I'm getting good and drunk.

  9. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Well, first off.. three cheers for not having cancer!

    Yeah, Michael grew to be a bit grating, but he gets a pass from me because he rid the show of the most annoying character to come along since the good doctor.

    I was getting scared because there was a point during last night's episode where I almost had to move to a seat on the floor near the Jack haters' couch... close enough to hate, but not 100%. Then he went and messed with the bunny shaker and now I am free to hate again. Such actions are just unacceptable around these parts.