Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stratocruiser 'Revolutions'

You know, it has happened again...

Last year I got a "Nod" from Go Triad Magazine for Best Blog in the Triad. This year, the Best Blog award was placed on my head by the readers of this here exercise of mine and readers of Go Triad.

Believe me, I'm very thankful. And the weird thing is this... I really haven't had the time to write up a good update.

Last week there were all kinds of goings on with Two Guys Named Chris and I ended up filling in for Goat Boy as well as doing my own amount of work. And that was supposed to be my "slow" week.

This week, I've been working with Coup Delicious, hanging out with my nephew Preston, and spending time with a girl in Mt. Airy.

My Netflix discs are piling up and starting that logjam that I do not like and my VHS tapes have now increased from 14 to 16 with all new shows from this year's television season that I haven't had time to watch.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It just irritates me that last year, I got the "Nod" from Go Triad and I wasn't able to keep freshening up my blog with as many updates as I would have liked.

This year, I win the Best Blog honors and I'm STILL not able to put in a decent update.

It's driving me crazy!

If you're new to my little blog, please help yourself to all the previous posts. You may find something that you enjoy. If you're a regular, then you know I'll be coming back with something worth while real soon.

I'm shooting for a long and decent update tomorrow around 6pm. So drop on by... Ya hear?

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