Monday, October 23, 2006

Santana ‘All That I Am’

All right! I’m finally updating and it should be a long one, so grab a bevy (as Eddie Money says) and settle in. And for those of you who do not know… The title of each blog is the musical selection for my day.

Not long ago, I had a celebratory dinner with my friend Kristina. At the time, she had gone a whole month without smoking and started working a new job. So we hit the Lone Star on High Point Road here in Greensboro.

I really felt like I wanted a steak, but for some reason, I ordered grilled chicken. We started drinking beer along with shots of Tequila for her and Jim Beam for me. Kristina also ordered sautéed mushrooms for an appetizer.

I’ve always had a long-standing rule… I don’t anything eat that can conceivably grow between your toes. Therefore, mushrooms have always been off my digestive list. Why anyone would actually chew and swallow fungus was beyond me.

When the mushrooms arrived, Kristina offered me one. I declined. She asked me if I’ve ever had them… I’ve never eaten sautéed mushrooms, but I did try mushrooms once when I was younger. I didn’t like them.

Kristina started to use logic on me and asked, “How do you know that you don’t like sautéed mushrooms if you’ve never had them?”

Damn her and her logic!

Then I remembered the little talk that I had earlier that day with my finicky 6-year-old nephew, Preston… I told him that I have always hated mayonnaise, but recently, I tried it again and now I put it on a lot of things. I explained to Preston that as you get older, your taste buds will change and that you should always keep trying things to see if you like them now.

After all, I should practice what I preach because I was starting to feel hypocritical. I explained all that to Kristina, grabbed my fork, plunged it into a big sautéed mushroom, and popped it into my mouth.

At first, I wasn’t thrilled, but I didn’t spit out the joker. And after about 30 seconds, I wanted another sautéed mushroom. Kristina had to threaten me with the bread knife to keep away from her mushrooms.

The next day I told Preston the mushroom story, but it didn’t convince him to try tuna fish. And that brings me to another subject…

I’m starting to think that Subway (Eat FreSHHH!) is putting some sort of super crack into their sandwiches. I’ve been eating there at least once a week. I sometimes pass by Subway Sandwich Shops that aren’t on the way home. I’m a tuna sub combo junkie. And I really like the shop on Battleground in front of Killian’s Pub because they have Cherry Coke on the soft drink dispenser. If I’m satisfying my Subway addiction, I’d might as well wash it down with my favorite soft drink, am I right?

I get the tuna sub on the Monterrey Cheddar roll. Then it’s just plain with cheese. No lettuce or any other nasty garden item… Yes, I’ve tried them again recently. I get the combo with Baked Lay’s chips because I’m still not eating a whole lot of fried items.

I don’t know what it is about those sandwiches, but I want one right now. And to top it off… I just had one yesterday!

I’ve have been eating tuna subs from Subway for years, but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. That is, until they introduced those new breads. And that’s where I think they’re sprinkling “junkie dust” on the sandwiches. Perhaps they bake it into the bread?

Damn! I really want a Subway tuna sub right now!

Now to get my mind off Subway… I finally watched Lucky # Slevin and sent it back to the fine folks at Netflix. It stars Bruce Willis and a few other people that I forgot about. Willis is a killer who arrives in the “big city”. The police don’t have a clue as to who he is or what his plans are. Willis plays both of the city’s mobsters with a pawn in place to throw the police off and take the fall.

Willis’ character talks about the “Kansas City Shuffle” and that’s exactly what the film does to the viewer. It’s ingenious and I gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Netflix! The movie is awesome and delivers the same kind of punch that The Usual Suspects does.

Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Last night I managed to squeeze in 12 And Holding. It’s an independent film and for most folks out there, it will move a little slow. But I found it engaging and couldn’t tear myself away from it.

12 And Holding starts off with four kids and a tree house. Two of them are twin brothers with the only visible difference between the pair is a birthmark over the left side of face. And there are older bullies that for reasons unknown, don’t get along with the quartet of tree dwellers. Eventually, the bullies torch the tree house without knowing that the fat kid and non-marked twin were inside. The solo twin perished.

The woods where the kids played are razed to make way for apartment buildings or condos. It will no longer be a reminder of a bad event.

Then all hell breaks loose with the three surviving kids. The fat guy loses his ability to taste and turns his eating habits around. But his overweight mother ridicules his healthy eating habits and trouble follows.

The little girl who got her first period at the beginning of the film, takes her first step into womanhood by seducing an older man. After watching her story and recital performance, you’ll never listen to Blue Oyster Cult’s “Burnin’ For You” the same way again.

And the twin with the birthmark visits one of the bullies in detention and threatens him. But over the course of the film, the other bully that threw the Molotov cocktail committed suicide and the twin softens up. His visits to the surviving bully get friendlier and the pair makes plans to leave for New Mexico.

All the stories come to a great conclusion and I’m giving this flick 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix. I highly recommend it.

Here’s the Netflix friend call-out… Make me a friend if you like…

One of my last few entries was about my emceeing the Fashion Rox show at The Garage in Winston-Salem. No one had a clue as to who I was… But I got some validation last Friday night at the N Club when I did the stage announcements for Eddie Money. The peeps gathered there knew who I was. They shouted my name. They spoke to me as I walked around the through the crowd and women were offering up their bodies for deviant pleasure. I thanked God right then and there for folks that actually owned radios!

And again, my deep thanks for voting my blog the Best Blog in Go Triad magazine.

Last week, I filled in for an angry and vengeful Goatboy on the Two Guys Named Chris show. And when I walked into the studio on Thursday morning, Chris Demm and Chris Kelly congratulated me.

“Huh?” I asked. “Did I get someone pregnant?”

Demm laughed and said, “No, you won best blog in Go Triad.”

“I DID???” I asked with great surprised.

I couldn’t believe it until I saw it in print. Josie and Josh from Murphy In The Morning on 1075KZL (our sister station) also congratulated me. Josie even said that she’ll have to check it out even though she’s known about it for over a year.

I was truly amazed and I’m very appreciative. Just to be listed with the blogs of Sarah Beth Jones, David Hoggard, and Patrick Eakes is an honor. They are great writers and express views that actually mean something unlike my ramblings and rumblings about the lack of Long John Silver’s in Greensboro.

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