Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bruce Springsteen ‘Lucky Town’

The other night, I helped out Tripper broadcast live from the Dixie Classic Fair. I’m known as “Eugene Unit” on the 1075KZL airwaves and at first, I didn’t like the moniker. Simply because I had no idea what Tripper was calling me (he started the nickname). I thought Tripper was calling me a “tool” in a nice way.

But he explained that rapper 50 Cent has a group of rappers under his wing called “G-Unit”. So… I’m cool with it now.

While we were hanging at the fair, folks were coming up to get their 1075KZL stickers. There were two particularly attractive young women who came up with eyes on the stickers and I asked, “You ladies want stickers?”

“Sure,” said the blonde. “Put it on my ass!”

Of course, I happily obliged and made sure that it was stuck on her hindquarters pretty good. Then I turned to her friend and asked, “You want a sticker?”

“Please,” she said with her hand extended.

“No, no, no,” and I motioned with my hand for her to turn her back towards me. “Turn around.”

She reluctantly did so and I slapped that sticker on her cute little butt and made sure that it was on there real good… Then something occurred to me… Are these girls 18?

Then I saw an older woman standing behind these young ladies with a slight look of disdain on her face. My ass-slapping hand kicked my brain into gear… “Come on over here and get a sticker.”

She eventually allowed me to slap and rub a KZL sticker on her wonderful posterior, but claimed that as soon as she was out of view, the sticker was coming off. I made sure that I spent a little more time on her rear-end to make sure that she wouldn’t think that I’m some sort of pervert who enjoyed touching the rears of young women. I wanted her to think that I’m the type of pervert who would rather touch and caress an older woman’s behind. Which is true!

When talking to Tripper last night, I found out that the girl has a MySpace page and she is in fact 18 years old. I was relieved.

I have finished up season one of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m giving that joker 5 stars! The season really ends with a bang! It totally blindsided me with the season ending “cliffhanger”.

Grey’s Anatomy makes me laugh, impresses me with it’s intelligence, and manages to make me want more. The show is TEN times better than House.

I think House is a medical drama for folks who enjoy American Idol. Because, if you think about it, House is a medical drama with a doctor who acts like that Simon dude on American Idol. People simply tune in to hear how Dr. House will put folks down and see how mean and nasty he can be.

You don’t learn anything about the characters on House. There are no parallel storylines going on through the show like there are on Grey’s Anatomy. With every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you learn more and more about the characters. You see things in the shows that you have experienced in your life. The show may actually teach you something about the dynamics of daily human interaction.

I simply love it!

Next on my list of shows that I’ve never seen… Monk.

Although I have seen at least one episode of Monk, I just couldn’t keep up with the where and when it was broadcast on television.

Thank God for Netflix! Now I can see all the shows that I’ve never had time for.


  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Grey's Anatomy? Good grief. What channel is that on? Lifetime, Television for Women? I eagerly await your upcoming 5-star review of Desperate Housewives. Well, at least you balance it out with tales of feeling up the ladies.

  2. Grey's Anatomy is a Damn fine show. I tried watching Desperate Housewives, but it just didn't grab me durning the second season.

    And yes, I do enjoy a little hand to lady action.

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    That's because the second season of Desperate Housewives SUCKED. Rent Season 1 - 5 star TV all the way - and forget season 2 ever existed. All the mysteries are neatly wrapped in season 1 and it stands alone quite well. (By the way, the jury is still out on season 3, but it's looking better than season 2 so far.)

  4. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I was just joking about Lifetime, but the other night, I was flipping stations and it seems that Desperate Housewives actually does air on there. I can only assume Grey's Anatomy is not far behind.
    This new season is still looking pretty bad though. Last season everything was all about sci-fi spookiness, and this season everything is all about "look how big my cast is!" I picked up Invasion at Ed McKay's for 20 bucks, maybe I'll pick some night and just watch an episode a week like it's still airing.
    The only prime time shows I even bother with are Prison Break, Lost, Survivor and The Office. Not one new show made the cut. There's also The Wire, but because it premiers a week early on OnDemand, I usually just unplug the cable box at 2am on Monday, allow the programming to reset and watch it then. Speaking of which,look at the time..
    Oh yeah, did you see the Talladega race? What did you think about that ending?