Thursday, June 15, 2006

Travis ’12 Memories’

Have you seen that Burger King commercial with the chicken racing motocross and performing jump stunts?

That frakking cracks me up!

But what truly kills me about the commercial is the looks on the faces of the spectators. I especially like the look on the face of the old Asian man. I double over with laughter every time I see that commercial.

Just pray for me, I’m afflicted.

I watched 16 Blocks yesterday and enjoyed it very much. Mos Def annoyed me without rapping a single word, but I got to like his character before the film was over. Bruce Willis also shows up in this film with a riveting performance laced with depth.

I now forgive him for the Return of Bruno.

Willis plays a worn out cop that’s going through the alcoholic motions of finishing out his last few months before retirement. He ends up protecting a witness that every cop in town wants dead. Willis must get the witness in court by 10 a.m. and dodge bullets in the process thrown by former friends and colleagues.

It’s a damn good film and I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix.

I just got through seeing MST3K: Killer Shrews and it’s perhaps one of their funniest send ups. If you’ve ever been intrigued with MST3K, but considered it way too geeky for you, Killer Shrews may be just the ticket for you. The damn thing is hilarious and starts off with Joel and the robots tackling a short film called Junior Rodeo Daredevils.

The take off on the short film clinched it for me. I’m thinking about purchasing this particular MST3K DVD. It’s getting a full 5 stars on Netflix. I only wish I could give it 10.

I can’t wait to fairly compare it to MST3K: Manos, Hands Of Fate. The film is a true classic of bad cinema.

After I make this post, I’m going to pop in Running Scared. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

Kristina’s cat is finally warming up to me and has decided to walk around from time to time. It won’t be too long until we both end up sharing a bottle of Jim Beam and singing Meat Loaf songs until dawn.

I’m also about to start watching HBO’s Band Of Brothers.

That one has been quite elusive on my Netflix queue. They re-released it with bonus goodies and I had to wait for that. Then Battlestar Galactica came out and Christine nearly threatened me to bump that joker up the line. So the Band Of Brothers got pushed back.

I now have no regrets.


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Just be nice to the kitty blowing on its butt, OK??? No "kitty porn". OK???

  2. That won't be a problem, Jules.

  3. Anonymous5:11 PM

    If you can't get enough of the big air chicken, check out the URL on the commercial or check for "BK" and "chicken." The URL is (I'm not affiliated w/ them in any way - it just crack me up somethin' fierce, too).

  4. Oblivion... Thanks! I've been subjecting everyone at Rock 92 and our sister station KZL about those commercials. They like the spots, but I think they're getting tired of me talking about them.