Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Skye Sweetnam 'Noise From The Basement'

Last night was a wonderful night for fans of old school professional wrestling. ECW is back in business and you can find it Tuesday nights at 10pm on the Sci-Fi channel.

Extreme Championship Wrestling was a little guy that didn’t quit until a huge conglomerate set them up to fail. The shows didn’t rely on cameras backstage to fill in storylines. A lot of the story lines were played right out in front of the audience in the ring. That allowed for suspension of disbelief.

This brand is more violent and adult. It’s not for the squeamish and it’s not for prudes. Sometimes, it can get down right sexual.

You cannot believe how happy it makes me to see them back in business.

Years ago, when the ECW was starting up, WWE Chairman/owner actually allowed ECW wrestlers to showcase their talents and bring brand awareness to the fans of the WWE. A lot of insiders couldn’t understand what the frak Vince McMahon was doing when he allowed this.

But now I see… McMahon is a genius and he saw potential in the effectiveness of cross promotion. Since the ECW is under the WWE umbrella, WWE Superstars are allowed into the ECW ring because of their “no rules, anything goes” style. It’s pure genius!

And for the record, Rob Van Dam is not only the new ECW Heavyweight Champion; he’s also the WWE Champion. How’s that for cross promotion?

I’m so excited to see the return of the genocidal, homicidal Sabu and one of my favorite gimmick wrestlers... Roadkill, the angy Amish Warrior.

As I told you yesterday, my friend Kristina left for Europe and I’m sitting her cat Sidney.

I walked in yesterday afternoon and I saw a flash of cat. I hung out giving Sidney some comfort of having someone around while strumming on Kristina’s Dean acoustic guitar.

It’s been awhile since I last picked up a guitar and I find it funny what songs and different sounds you get from other guitars. A different guitar will bring something new out of you.

Anyways… I didn’t see the cat the rest of the day. I started to panic just a little. My head was filled with thoughts like… “Did she get past me when I opened the door?”… “Kristina is going to KILL me!”

I looked under every piece of furniture in her home with no luck. I peered into every open closet and there was no cat. I checked the litter box before I left for work and noticed no grain moistened or unturned. In my mind, that was not a good sign.

Again, I was in a small fit of panic.

When I got back from work, I checked that litter box again. Nothing. No wet spots and no logs. I was getting scared.

I made my way back down the stairs and stood by one of her chairs when I noticed Sidney taking refuge behind the couch.

Let Heaven and nature sing!!! The cat was here and appeared to be all right.

I talked to her, trying to coax her out into the open. It didn’t work. I might as well have been talking to Jimmy Hoffa with the good that it did.

As I was talking with Christine on the phone, Sidney came out of exile and walked across the floor giving me the “what the hell are you doing here and where’s my momma” kind of look.

I guess that she got tired of crossing her legs and went to use the box. I checked it later on and still there’s nothing.

This is what my life has become… Checking litter boxes for cat bundles.


  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    So, did you actually watch the new ECW? I cannot truly comment until I know if you have seen it or not.

  2. Yes, I did watch it. I'm still like a month behind on Raw and Smackdown.

    It wasn't up to pre-TNN standards, but I found it refreshing none the less.

    So... Comment away, baby!

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I have a friend who has a phantom cat. I see him sometimes when I go and visit my friend, but if I'm "cat sitting" while she is away, I NEVER see Zeke. I only know that he's alive because his food bowl is empty, and he's had a bit of water to drink.

    That's my kind of cat!

  4. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Oh no! I had written a long comment about ECW, then I signed off to watch the race. When I signed back on I hit post comment, but alas I see it did not go through. Well, what it bolied down to was that I found new ECW to be prety unwatchable. I mean, it had Kurt Angle, and that guarantees I will watch for at least a few weeks, but other than that it was just Sabu, jobbers and an opening angle featuring two of the WWE guys I hate the most. Any show where the top star is RVD is one I will have to say "no thank you" to.

    We were trying to figure out the other day why Paul Heyman agreed to go along with this, knowing Vince's track record on these things. If he couldn't make wrestling gold out of the Invasion angle, when they had access to almost every name wrestler out there, what can they accomplish with this?

  5. Kim... The ECW cannot go in on the first show and blow its wad. What we are experiencing is foreplay... Soon, we will get the big Kahuna!

  6. Anonymous2:13 AM

    I fear the big Kahuna will be akin to Big Vis, Umaga or the Giant Kahli. They have exactly one more episode to get to the point or go the way of the never-watched Smackdown. That first show was just terrible. WWE has been so consistently bad as of late, that I just can't see anything good coming from any of it. Look at that ECW roster, I just can't get excited about it. I will watch tonight, but that's only for the tag match featuring two of my favorites versus two of the guys I hate the most. But they are all WWE, so that's not saying much about ECW. At this point I think I'm just all wrestlinged out. I think I'm gonna drop down to checking out the TNA spoilers and tuning in if they look good.

  7. Wait a minute... You didn't dig what Sabu did to John "Wannabe" Cena last night on Raw?

    That was AWESOME!

    I think that I giggled for at least 7 minutes. I was so excited I called Sean about it.

    I'm looking SO forward to ECW tonight.

  8. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I will admit, I do mark out for Sabu. He and Angle are the only worthwhile things about ECW. And I hate Cena, so watching him get beat up is always a great time. I especially liked JR and the King getting all worked up for Cena's blood loss... that one little trickle coming down form over his eye was so hardcore!

  9. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Good Job! :)