Thursday, June 01, 2006

Aerosmith ‘Pandora’s Box’ (box set)

I didn’t mention it earlier, but my Grandmother did give me a little grief this past Sunday. She didn’t say anything major that would leave me wondering what my “problem” is all the way home…

While the family was changing stations around our Grandparents like a Chinese fire drill for photo opportunities, my Grandmother looked at me and said, “I guess we’re not getting any grandkids out of you, Eugene.”

“Who knows,” I said. “It’s a big world out there and there may be a couple we don’t know about. But as long as my boys are still in good working order, there’s plenty of time.”

Nothing else was mentioned until we got to the house and my Grandmother asked, “So how’s your love life?”

“Non-existent,” I answered back quickly.

I still don’t know if she was just making small talk or jabbing me with a funny stick. It really doesn’t matter. No one was killed and I didn’t leave the room shouting for a shot of Jim Beam.

I was talking with a friend of mine last night and she’s all excited about the remake of The Omen that opens next Tuesday. She explained to me (I already figured it out) that the film is opening on 6/6/06 to match up with little Damian’s birthmark.

Events like these make Hollywood pictures everything they can be. Big, gaudy, and tacky… Just the way I like it. I think that’s why motion pictures were invented. Tie-ins with important calendar dates are some of the most beautiful gimmicks employed by the major studios. I plan on seeing the flick, but not anytime soon. I’ll just put it on my Netflix queue and wait it out.

She plans on going on opening day. Once again, the hype claims another opening day dollar. And that’s the beauty of the Hollywood machine.

You know… I really have nothing else unless you want me to comment on NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch… The guy is an idiot. He’s a moron. He’s a spoiled little punk with some skill but no personality. He’s benign. He’s young and stupid.

Last Sunday evening during the Coca-Cola World 600, Casey Mears spun out in front of him. It wasn’t his fault that he collected “The Shrub” (he’s the younger and smaller Busch brother… Get it?) when he lost control of the car.

But “The Shrub”, being the obtuse individual that he is, got out of his wrecked car and threw his HANS device at Mears’ car to show his displeasure.

I’ll admit it… I love that sort of thing especially when a guy I don’t care for proves to the whole world that what I’ve been saying about him is true… Kyle “The Shrub” Busch is a jerk. Just like his characterless brother, Kurt Busch.

Kurt just recently dropped a million bucks on the Victory Junction Gang Camp for a large indoor facility. His name is going to be put on it of course. I’m sure it has something to do with changing his image.

The Busch parents should have raised the afterbirth and thrown away the kids.

Finally, NASCAR has some drivers that we LOVE to hate.


  1. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Now see, this is the post where you should have inserted the "Now to disappoint Kim, Charles, and..." Kyle Busch?! You hate Kyle Busch?! Come on! He's excellent! I man, he's an arrogant jerk who deserves a good slap in the face.. but look at him! He's got to be the homeliest, geekiest cat I've ever seen, but he plays the heel so well! You'd expect him to be all "sorry guys." but he gets out there and acts like he owns the place. I thought Kurt was good, but Kyle takes it to the next level of heelishnesh. In a season where I haven't really been able to get into many races, the evolution of The Shrub has been one of the few highlights. I may have to make him my 2nd pick in this week's pool, (1st pick? Kurt.) He has filled the hole left by the wussification of the 20.

    Now I always mark out for a good hothead move, but his actions in that last race were totally uncalled for, as it was not Casey's fault. Of course in the hierarchy of drivers I pull for, the 42 ranks above the 5, so Shrub loses points for that anyway. He's seriously one of only about 5 drivers I like... now, drivers I hate, that's another post for another time, as there are like 10 of them... sadly, Robbie Gordon makes neither list.

    Also, the Spirit Squad is getting lame. I blame overexposure and the relentless "Kenny's the best!" push.

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Man, you got it all wrong. Kyle Busch is the closest thing to a bad guy that NASCAR has. Penske's too busy cleaning up Kurt, Fat Tony's having interventions and frosting his hair, so Shrub has to step in and fill the role. Who doesn't mark for a guy who wants to be booed, the fans hate him, he knows it, and enjoys it. Way to go Shrub!!!

    P.S. The Spirit Squad stock is steadily declining at an exponential rate.

  3. Anonymous3:01 AM

    I did not take Shrub, I had him typed in, but switched to my boy at the last minute. Then he got the pole (finally) so it all worked out. Will I take the Shrub in round three? Probably not, as I pick last and he will probably be long gone by then.

  4. What is wrong with you two???

    The Shrub???

    Good Lord!