Monday, March 13, 2006

Pulp ‘We Love Life’

I was “underground” dangerous in Junior High and Senior High. Sure, just about any guy there could kick my ass… But things were different when it came to the opposite sex.

For some reason, the parents of any girl that I dated during that time would protest and forbid. I engaged in clandestine relationships that only a few chosen members of my circle knew about. Trust was of the up most importance within the circle. Deny at all costs.

Parents, and I’m only imagining here, would think to themselves He must be here to rob our daughter of her innocence.

I am “underground” dangerous.

One girlfriend was pulled out of High School because we wouldn’t stop seeing each other.

Another girl’s parents tracked her down at my house one night. They wheeled into the driveway behind her car and both of them got out. The father asked for her at the door and I gave him the “She has a right to do what she wants” speech and he threatened me. My girlfriend walked by me giving in without protest. And that was probably the right thing, thinking back now… She got into a car with dad. Her mother followed in my girlfriend’s Toyota 4-door at a high rate of speed. I didn’t eat all weekend. And I didn’t get much sleep.

I also didn’t watch much TV.

I was walking trouble when they saw me coming for their daughter. I did my own thing and that scared them. I grew my hair out. I wore T-shirts with Accept, Iron Maiden, and REO Speedwagon logos printed on them. Parents feared for the last little piece of innocence in their home.

The one that I’m still in contact with is still a very close friend of mine. Her mother is MIA and know one cares enough to keep up with her whereabouts.

The other girl’s father killed himself.

So maybe it wasn’t me after all. But… For all intents and purposes, lets keep me “underground” dangerous. It’s better for my reputation.

I’m into season 5 of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ courtesy of Lady D from the ‘Two Guys Named Chris’ show. The first show was very promising as Buffy took on Dracula. Yeah… Dracula. At first, you kind of laugh it off. Then later it hits you how they attack the legends of the mythical Dracula and real Vlad The Impaler by putting them to a test. It was a damn cool show to kick off-season 5.

I don’t really like the introduction of Buffy’s sister. I like how they did it, but I see it going nowhere.

I saw the first episode of ‘The Sopranos’ last night. And I cannot believe they will kill off Tony Soprano. But, if they do, it’s sheer genius and we’ll get lots of interesting backstories.

I haven’t really kept up with ‘24’ and today in the paper, I found out Edgar Stiles has been killed off. Dammit. I liked him.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I always liked "dangerous" boys.

  2. Bebo..... clandestine???

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I hate to be so disagreeable, but Buffy Vs. Dracula is about the worst episode of the entire series. I normally skip it when it airs in syndication. As for Buffy's sister, I orginally thought she was a shark-jumping gimmick the network insisted on because it felt the characters were getting old, but it turned out she played a key part in Season 5.

    On the agreeable side, I would like to add from the previous post, or rather, the previous comments, that I, too, love Neil Young's video for Wonderin'. I actually came home early from the bars for a brief spell on Friday nights to catch Night Flight on USA because it had the video in regular rotation for a few weeks.

    Good times, good times.