Monday, February 27, 2006

The True Brothers ‘Country Gold’

I’m very proud of my niece Chloe and nephew Preston.

Last week, I watched the KISS ‘Rock The Nation’ DVD with my nephew Preston. He liked them and grabbed a yardstick for a guitar and kept standing on the couch for a stage. He loved the explosions and all the stuff that comes along with a KISS show. And as I’ve said before, he wants to be Gene Simmons for Halloween.

On Saturday, my sister was showing me all the cool stuff that she had picked up at a consignment store. There was a pair of high-heeled leopard print boots. Preston grabbed them and started to put them on. He told his cousin Chloe that when he gets them on, they could pretend to be KISS.

Yes. It was a proud moment for me. My heart was warmed up as if I was a hardcore lifer getting an eyeful of “new fish”.

Later, I was watching disc two of the KISS DVD and Chloe watched some of it with me. She liked the fire. She danced to the music and her favorite is Gene Simmons as well.

She didn’t even flinch when Gene spat blood. I was so proud of her.

Over the weekend, I watched ‘Garden State’ and I loved it! I gave it full five stars on the Netflix grading system. I then dropped it on Christine when I picked up my Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies.

Later, she called and asked when the movie was going to pick up. She had reached her twenty-minute mark and had had enough. She decided that it was a “Eugene movie” and she ditched it.

She also didn’t care for the screener of ‘The Loop’ that I let her borrow as well. Oh well, as they say… Different strokes.

Last week at Rachel Peterson’s birthday shindig, I met Eileen Stammetti who works with Rachel. We got talking about movies and she suggested that I try out ‘Noises Off!’. I added it to my queue and received in the mail on Saturday.

It stars Michael Caine, Julie Haggerty, John Ritter, and Christopher Reeves. If that were not enough, there’s also a scantily clad Nicolette Sheridan running around with white thigh-high stockings and high heels with a side of Marilu Henner. You simply can’t go wrong with that.

They are a troupe working out the kinks in an English sex farce stage play. All hell breaks loose because everyone in the cast is either involved with each other or there’s a major misunderstanding of the alleged involvements. All this happens while they’re out on the road. The director thinks that it will die a horrible death once it hits Broadway.

John Ritter was a genius in my opinion. He takes a fall down a flight of steps in the movie and there’s no stunt double. The man was incredible.

I wouldn’t say that the movie was life changing or anything like that, I just found it enjoyable. And I liked watching Nicolette Sheridan’s hindquarters bouncing around in white French cut panties.

The film gives me the urge to see more plays. I haven’t seen a theatre production in years. I think the last production that I saw was ‘The Tale-Tell Heart’ put on by the UNC-G Drama department or 'Oh Calcutta' and that was close to 20 years ago.

The last time the urge hit me, I was seeing my ex-fiancée and she didn’t understand why I wanted to see a play or two. She poo-poo’ed it and we didn’t go to any. I gave in to the pressures of her close-mindedness and negativity. She was more into hitting Captain Bill’s for dinner and finish up the night with an Aryan Rally. Sometimes, I don’t know what in the hell I was thinking back then. I guess I was blinded by her good looks and 36 C’s.

Now the bug has bitten again and I’m itching to see me some live theatre.

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  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Avoid musicals, unless it's Once More With Feeling, or South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.