Sunday, February 26, 2006

Snuzz ‘harper’

Finally! I wake up and I feel good, not DAMN good, but good. All week I’ve been dealing with a devilish head cold. I don’t want to say “nasty” head cold because it would give it way too much respect. It didn’t incapacitate me like some of the other funk going around the workplace. It was just annoying.

My head was so stuffy that any noise was amplified to the point of pain. I felt like one of those sitcom characters experiencing a hangover with the same effects. I never understood that because I never had a hangover where noise bothered me enough to point a loaded weapon at school children. I just get seriously dehydrated.

I didn’t get a sore throat, a cough or anything associated with a cold or flu, it was just a garden-variety head cold with very little flair.

Have you seen the McDonald’s commercial where a man and a woman are standing at the counter and they both order the Premium Chicken Sandwiches?

They both look at each other as if Cupid had a hand in slaughtering and plucking their lunch. Could it be love? Who doesn’t go to McDonald’s looking for love?

Anyway… They end up sitting next to each other and her cell phone rings. And she has a ring tone of a popular song, but before she answers it, she breaks out in a short dance. What in the hell? Do people really break into dance before they answer their phones? Are people generally on-call for immediate dancing when the phone rings?

I’ve been in crowded situations where phones ring with popular songs, but I never saw anyone break out dancing.

Just an observation…

Thursday night, I found a screener DVD from the FOX network in the break room. The table in the break room can be a receptacle for cast off junk and lots of times, treasure can be found. If you don’t want it, put it on the break room table for someone else. If you have a ton of food to share, put it on the break room table. If a client has given you a bunch of money saving coupons, put it on the table. You get the picture, right?

The screener DVD was for the upcoming show called ‘The Loop’. The pilot episode runs on FOX March 15th at 9:30pm.


I laughed my ass into tears. ‘The Loop’ is one of the funniest shows that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s about this 24-year-old fresh out of college who climbs the corporate ladder just by sheer “dumb” luck. His secretary graduated with honors from MIT and he just falls ass backwards into success. His brother lives with him and they share a house with two other roommates. And they’re hot! Of course, he has a thing for one of them named Piper.

Mimi Rogers plays a middle-aged hot-to-trot executive at the same airline that he’s employed at. She’s always making overt sexual advances toward him and he seems oblivious to it… “Did you whistle at me? Sexual harassment has no place in the workplace. Meet me in the stairwell!”

The same guy that was the library cop on ‘Seinfeld’ plays the CEO of the company. He’s hysterical as a gruff, tough as nails, asshole that falls in love with every idea the “kid” has.

Make time for this show! I beg you! I implore!

You won’t be sorry.

I don’t think that it will last long against ‘Lost’, but that could be in reruns so we’ll see.

Speaking of TV, I finally got my satellite dish lined up. Actually, I got my dad to do it because I don’t do well on ladders. I’ve got this crazy little fear of heights. I’m fine if I’m strapped in something or attached. But I don’t do well when it comes to climbing ladders without safety devices.

Now I can get my taping back to normal. In order to watch all my shows, I have to use two different VCR’s to get them all. Monday nights are the worst because there’s so much that I like on that night. There’s ‘Raw’ on USA, ‘24’ on FOX, ‘Two And A Half Men’, and ‘Medium’. And Friday nights can be hectic too with ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Bernie Mac / Malcolm’.

And since I brought up ‘Malcolm In The Middle’, I must tell you how sad that I am because the show has been cancelled. The last show rolls in May, according to ‘Entertainment Weekly’. That show NEVER got weak over the years, it’s still as good as it’s ever been. I will miss it greatly.

Thanks for checking back on this here blog of mine. One week, I was too busy to make an update and last week I tried to keep up, but the sickness got the best of me. Yep, it made me lazy.

My sister Pam and her husband Kevin are expecting another child before this year runs out. And for some crazy reason, they asked me to be the “godfather”. Don’t get me wrong. I consider it an honor. Now I just have to go out shopping for one of those pinky rings that godfathers wear.

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  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    The Loop is going up against the last half of Veronica Mars and since I don't have two VCRs, it will lose out to Ms. Mars and company, the UPN "hit" is a repeat.

    I know it's kind of wrong to go against the favor of a Godfather because he may never ask for another one, but I'm going to have to take my chances.