Monday, January 02, 2006

Pink Floyd 'Meddle'

I got through with my workout. Many pores broke their water during this session. I’m feeling the high of an exhilarating workout cool down. It feels good and gives you an actual sense of being alive. There were times that I pushed and kept pushing to get to the end of the song. There were some songs with the drive to keep you going and moving. And the other songs allowed you periods of laying back. It was very well balanced and made for an excellent workout.

It’s the title of my blog. Every blog entry is the music that I’m listening to on that day. Let me tell ya, that Pink Floyd’s side one makes for a helluva workout.

I got in the habit of only listening to one thing for the day over 20 years ago. My friend Tracy Thornton had his MG broken into. The thief cut through the convertible top in order to gain entry. Tracy’s tape deck and tape cassette collection of over 120 recordings were stolen. Some of those tapes were irreplaceable recordings that he made of major artists and some were his own personal recordings with local musicians. He was more hurt by thieves taking those tapes than breaking in and stealing the sound system to play them with.

I learned from that day on, not to carry more than the chosen recording of the day. If car burglary occurs to me or even if an accident happens, I won’t lose but that one recording. And chances are in my favor that I won’t lose THE recording that cannot be replaced.

So, as boring as that may sound… Listening to only one CD or tape for the day is actually refreshing. The repetition points out those things that you may have missed and tells you exactly why it’s taking up space in your home.

I highly recommend it.

If I’m leaving town for 4 days, I take four different tapes or CD’s with me. You get the picture?

I will save you from the boring details of how I rotate my collection around for daily variety. It’s complicated and borders on insanity.

Speaking of INSANITY! Last night, I watched the documentary film about Timothy Treadwell called ‘Grizzly Man’.

He was a guy that lived 13 summers with wild Alaskan Grizzly bears and promoted them to everyone he met. He has appeared on talk shows like David Letterman and he goes around to schools teaching about the misunderstandings that humans have about Grizzlies. And he does that without collecting a fee. He loved the bears and would do anything to protect them.

Sometimes, he’s a little too paranoid and crazy. Other times, he appears to be the most “with it” human being on the planet that is “one” with nature. He walked with the bears. He hung out with them. He was constantly watching his back and with one bear trying to exploit Treadwell’s turned away eyes, he stood his ground. He stomped his foot in the bear’s direction. He would tell it “NO!” He was forceful and polite to the bear. And you know? All 6 to 10 feet of that head ripping, arm chewing, and gut opening bear backed off and gave him respect.

I liked Treadwell and I also thought he was crazy at times. The documentary is fascinating because it was made after Treadwell’s death.

Treadwell shot hours upon hours of footage. Even some of the footage was shot days and even hours before his death. He was attacked and killed by a Grizzly bear. He and his girlfriend Amie Huequegard were killed and eaten by a bear. Yeah.

Amy rocked at the end, baby!

The video camera recorded all the sound of the attack. It occurred so sudden that Treadwell didn’t have time to take off the lens cap.

Amie fought a bear with everything that she had. She fought six minutes with a wild Grizzly bear that was killing her pleading boyfriend that was yelling at her to run. Once Treadwell had given up the ghost, the bear killed Amie.

She fought to the end never giving up. She was beating on and yelling her ass off at a bear that she knew was going to kill her. Love? Balls? Whatever you wanna call it, Treadwell’s girlfriend Amie rocked.

That is powerful character.

And there are only three scenes in which Amie was in the camera’s eye. There’s also a shot that had to be filmed by Amie because it was hand-held instead of the steadying tripod.

Rent ‘Grizzly Man’ and tell me what you think.

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  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Umm, that's Meddle, not Mettle. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't.

    I think what happened with regard to the documentary is one day a grizzly bear woke up and realized, Hey, those are humans that have been hanging out with us and word on the trails is they are damn tasty.

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    OK, the last half of my previous comment is terribly lame. I'm not sure what made me think it was funny. I wasn't even drinking at the time. Pretend it never happened. Move along please.

  3. Thank you Brad... I have changed it. I don't know how I could have made that mistake. Hell, I even sent a text message where I misspelled the album title. I'm blaming it on the aging process.