Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beastie Boys 'Hip Hop Sampler'

I want to thank Jay Stephens and his crew at Ziggy’s. We had a damn-tastic time bringing in the New Year. Possum Jenkins were cool. They opened up their set with Steve Earle’s ‘I Ain’t Ever Satisfied’ and won me over right there.

The Mood Cultivation Project were the headliners and they packed in the crowd. But, I’m not discounting the tremendous turn out from Boone. Those cats were there to support Possum Jenkins and they were loud.

The show was awesome and everyone was chill.

Brad “Hinzy” Hines went with me to the show and we decided to leave a little early. We were walking to the Rock 92 van and a girl got out of line and started calling us.

“Hey! Rock 92 guys!”

We thinking one of two things… One, she’s a P-1 listener and wants a Junior CD collection. Or two, she is crazy. Hey, it happens.

Well, as it turned out, it was Megan from a competing group of stations. Her friend Kelly was with her.

I said to Kelly when she walked up, “I like your floppy hat.”

Who says I’m not smooth?

Megan and I started chatting about mundane radio stuff. Brad and Kelly were chatting across our conversation. I think that I came off like a jerk to Megan and that wasn’t my intention. Our conversation was all about work and she was very interesting.

By the way, she mentioned that she had a boyfriend. I didn’t care; she was cool to talk too.

We were talking and talking. And my right ear suddenly heard something come out of Kelly’s mouth… “I’m a lesbian.”

My conversation with Megan hit a big ass speed bump. Everything was still rolling, but I never saw THAT coming. My left ear then heard Brad say something like… “That’s okay. You’re attractive.”

That wasn’t an exact quote from Brad, but that’s pretty damn close.

Kelly was the first to break and she went into Ziggy’s to catch the rest of the show. That left Brad and I chatting our butts off with Megan.

Megan remembered meeting me from the Gov’t Mule show some time ago. At that time, I introduced myself and received a very cool reaction. I was just surprised that she remembered.

When Brad and I got into the Rock 92 van, we started chatting about Megan and Kelly. I told him how Megan worked in the fact that she has a boyfriend three times. That was nice, but a little excessive. I catch on REAL good when a woman tells me that she has a boyfriend the FIRST time. As a matter of fact, I automatically assume that any woman I talk to is seeing someone.

And as a rule, if a woman comes to me first like Megan did, I’m thinking that she wants something else other than me. If it is me that she’s interested in, then it’s a WONDERFUL surprise!

Brad and I were going over what just happened and I said, “What was up with Kelly blurting out, ‘I’m a lesbian’?”

“YOU HEARD THAT?” Brad screamed and both of us burst into a long fit of laughter.

We couldn’t believe the manner in which that information or disinformation was handed out by Kelly. We laughed our asses off until we were in tears.

I managed to stay sober this year and off Mood’s stage. They asked me if I was planning on joining them. I said as long as they didn’t play any Loverboy, I would stay off the stage. No Loverboy and no Eugene on the stage.

It was near midnight and I was standing alone in a group of people. My bladder was telling me that it needed to be lessened. So I thought, if I was standing alone bringing in the New Year, I might as well do it while using the bathroom. I was urinating when the ball dropped.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Anonymous12:33 AM

    I was sitting on a couch with a black lab giving me a longing look as midnight approached. I escaped before any leg-humping commenced.