Friday, October 14, 2005

Tracy Thornton 'Pan For Punks: A Steelpan Tribute To The Ramones'

Last night, Thursday night, the folks here at Dick Broadcasting had a send off party for Jeff McHugh. He was the Program Director at KZL1075 and he’s headed off to slay bigger dragons in the Great Northwest, otherwise know as Portland, Oregon.

We did some drinking and made conversation at McCoul’s in downtown Greensboro. It was rather nice sitting out on the upstairs deck with all the people that I work with. It was really cool watching something DJ Coup Delicious pointed out to us.

Bats were flying and swirling above the Carolina Theatre. It was like a tornado made up of black confetti spinning round and round. When the bats tired of flying, they all dove right into the chimney of the Theatre. It was an amazing thing to watch. One by one, they started going into the chimney. Bitchin’, huh?

Do yourself a favor before it gets to cold… Go to McCoul’s, get them to pour you a drink, take it out onto the deck, and watch the bats at sunset. Oh, and there’s a great view of the Guilford County Jail too.

After the party thinned out, Hinzy, Marcia, Will Bastard, Coup, and myself went to another restaurant.

Marcia read my last update and I let her in on the experiment that Kim and I were conducting. I told her that the waitress worked at the place we were going. Of course, she kept asking, “Is that her? Is she the one, Gene? I bet it her, is it?”

Even if she were to guess correctly, I wouldn’t have told her.

An hour went by quickly and there was no sign of her and I told Marcia so. Will had relocated to the bar and Coup and Marcia decided to call it a night. Hinzy and I went to settle up the bill for the food and drinks. That’s when I looked up and my eyes locked up with the waitress’ as she was going upstairs.

I felt like a fugitive that had been eyeballed by a sharp-eyed flatfoot. I broke first and let it go. It was getting late and I had to go to work. Besides, there was no way in hell that Kim was right.

I did my thing at work and met Hinzy later at another bar. Lo’ and behold, there she was again and only two seats away from me. I put out the invitation a few nights before and I left plenty of room for her to talk to me if she wanted to.

She didn’t. As a matter of fact, she didn’t even acknowledge my existence, which is pretty much what I expected.

I relayed these facts to Kim and she basically called me every name for idiot except “idiot” itself.

“Why didn’t you talk to her? She was right there. In a social situation!” Kim said with slight aggravation in her voice.

You know, I did think about it. I felt that the ball was in her court. The invitation was there if she wanted to take it.

After thinking about what Kim said, I have decided to talk to her the next time I see her. I’m going to take the risk of being shot down and flaming out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I will keep you posted.


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Kim is right - you're an idiot. There may be a few exceptions, but women generally don't like having to make the approach. Had it been me in that situation, I would have thought you an arrogant asshole for not coming over to speak to me, and insincere in your original interest as well. (Although we've already established that the business card invite was so lame she may not have interpreted it as interest.) With that mindset, wild horses couldn't have dragged me over to your table to speak first.

    Eugene, the cold, hard facts are these: Women want to be pursued. If you try to maneuver them into the position of pursuer, they will likely walk away from the situation and you. If you're interested in a woman, you have to make your interest plainly known and follow through with it. Dropping a vague hint and waiting for her to make the next move is almost never going to work. Because whether you intend it or not (and I know you don't), it can come across as an arrogant jerk who thinks he doesn't have to try; he thinks he can just sit back and let the women come to him.

    Or, you were right in the first place and she's not interested. >grin<

  2. I cannot argue with that at all. I don't understand you ladies and I don't understand the "ways". I'm hopeless.

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    What happened to your "Steve McQueen" method?