Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cameo 'Emotional Violence'

Again, the title of each blog is the music that I'm listening to for the day. Someone ditched a damn fine Cameo CD in the breakroom. That means that it's up for grabs and I grabbed.

Kim Thore ( and I went out to dinner the other night and we tried a little experiment…

I have no idea when women are interested in me. That has always been one of my biggest hindrances in the game of flirtation. I just think that women are being nice and friendly when they talk to me. The clues go sailing right over my head like an unseen stealth bomber that never appeared on my radar.

First of all, I don’t expect women to be interested in me. I don’t have low self-esteem issues or low self-confidence. I just don’t expect it, plain and simple.

Second thing, I’m interested in women very much so. I like all shapes, sizes, ages (18 and above), and colors. Women are soft, they smell good, and they laugh like no other creatures walking God’s earth. I will talk to those I fancy and it usually ends up being a big mess of regret for even opening my mouth.

I don’t know all the signals and I don’t have a manual to help me out. That is where I rely on the help of my female friends like Kim, Christine, and Robin. They help interpret the codes that overwhelm my intelligence department to give me a clearer understanding of the meanings of the flirting female language, the touches, and the gestures.

I pointed out how attractive that I thought our waitress was in a subtle fashion. Is the PC term “table attendant”?

I didn’t bother to flirt because I’m sure that in her job, she gets hit on all the time and it becomes quite tiresome. And during the meal, I had a problem with my dinner. I spoke to our waitress about it without getting bent out of shape or making a scene, and she made it right.

Later, it was time for the bill. Kim was starting to tire out and I had to get to work. The waitress came over and picked up the ticket along with my check card (See! I’m really using that mofo!). She asked me a question about an intern that worked at our station. I didn’t recognize the name and then she realized that he interned at another station. She apologized, smiled, and left our table.

“She’s interested in you,” Kim said.

“What?” I asked very surprised.

“She’s interested in you,” she said again flatly. “She made an effort to talk to you. She’s interested.”


I told Kim that I thought she was just being friendly and could have been more interested in the intern. So, we decided to experiment with me as the guinea pig. I left a business card with my work email and phone number on the front. On the back, I wrote, “In case you have any more questions…” and made sure that is what she first saw when she opened the receipt book.

She returned to the table and picked up the closed book with a smile and a “have a good night”. Purely, that’s standard operating procedure.

We took our sweet time leaving as we debated the finer points of our arguments. “We’ll find out,” Kim said as our waitress walked by again with a smile and a wave.

After 24 hours, I have heard nothing and I’m not at all surprised. I will keep you posted and then I will drop it because I already know the outcome of this exercise.

Kim seems to think that I will hear something. Her reasoning says that because there was a problem with the meal, the waitress may be waiting out a possible bad reaction from me about it.

Feel free to share your knowledge and experience by commenting at the bottom here where it says “comments”. I can use all the help that I can get.


  1. Anonymous9:54 PM

    "In case you have any more questions"??? Oy vey. Eugene, women often have the same problem determining whether a guy is interested in us or just being nice. With a note like that on the back, I would wonder if he's really interested or if he just wants to sign me up for Amway. Next time, just write, "I'd like to get to know you. I hope you'll get in touch." The direct approach may not always work, but it will always be respected.

  2. Can't argue with that? Well, I could but there's no point.