Monday, September 12, 2005

World Wrestling Federation 'The Music: Volume 4'

I’m sitting here at my computer wondering about what to write about. I haven’t done much but work lately and you don’t want to hear about that.

I could tell you that I finished season 4 of ‘24’ and I enjoyed it very much.

Does that say anything about my life? Am I as exciting as flypaper?

I don’t have the answers.

One thing that I do need is a good dose of live rock n’ roll. The last time that I ventured out, I saw The Fairlanes for the last night of Ritchy’s Uptown. It wasn’t quite as satisfying as hearing a loud hard rock band, but it was enough to ring my ears a little.

I’m currently listening to a tape of my old college radio show from October of 2002 and I’m digging on Stickboy. I know that they had a gig over the weekend, but I just couldn’t see myself making it. I’m in NEED of some Stickboy!

I can’t remember where they played last Saturday night, but I was content on watching the Nextel race and sipping on some beer with Leslie.

We first hit East Coast Wings and I’m proud to say that the Santa Fe flavor no longer has the same effect on my guts like it used to. There were no skirmishes breaking out between my inner workings and indoor plumbing. I feel like I can enjoy a batch of Santa Fe Buffalo Fingers anytime that I want without scheduling a block of bathroom time.

I haven’t tried the Santa Fe in years, but for some reason, I felt like throwing caution into the faces of the gods of Charmin. I normally have the Mango Habanero each and every time that I’m there.

The reason I was taking a big chance was because we were celebrating Leslie’s new job. She’s getting away from a stifling workplace filled with sniping hussies who are trying to move up in a place where they have to kiss ass to do so. Leslie is not one to press her lips against an ass for the sake of advancement.

She had the Bourbon Street flavor of Buffalo Fingers and we both enjoyed a few Amber Bocks. Then we hit the Gate for a twelve pack of Miller High Life, which by the way, are excellent for enjoying some NASCAR action. We watched and were unimpressed when Kurt Busch won the race.

Have I said lately how much I despise that guy?

He’s currently in a great ride with a great team and he’s got a great owner. So what does that jackass do? He signs another deal to drive a car for a lesser successful team even though he’s under contract to drive his current ride next season.

I understand that money was probably a big factor in his decision, but it shows that he has no loyalty whatsoever. He was given an awesome opportunity with Rousch Racing and he won the first Nextel Cup. Then he becomes deceitful and inks a deal somewhere else and uses that pen to stab the organization in the back.

I think that speaks loud and clear about his character.

Leslie suggested going to see Stickboy after the race, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I went home, watched a DVD that I got from Netflix, and went to bed.

Perhaps I’m getting old…

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  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    No 'perhaps' about it - you ARE old. (But I'm right on your tail, closing fast...)