Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Mother Earth 'Scenery And Fish'

For those who do not know... The blog's title is the music that I'm listening to for the day. Cool?

I have the original 8-bit Nintendo system that I purchased back around 89’ or 90’. Nintendo revamped it’s design right after they released the Super Nintendo. They replaced the box like design with a smaller more streamline one.

I loved ‘Timco Bowl’, ‘Blades of Steel’, and of course, all of the ‘Super Mario’ games. For a long time, I was obsessed with getting to the end of all of those Mario games and I managed to see SMB1 and SMB2 all the way to the finish. There was also a golf game with the Mario Bros. that I dug a lot too. I wish I knew what happened to that one.

The only Monopoly game that I like is for the 8-bit Nintendo. The other more advanced versions aren’t as cutthroat and they aren’t as fun.

My nephew Preston has really taken to the ‘Super Mario Brothers’ game. At first, he didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t excellent right from go. But now he’s accepted the axiom that “practice makes perfect” and now he’s zipping right along through the first level.

He still has some work ahead of him with level two. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t listen. He asks for help and when I tell him how and where, he’s zoning off somewhere else. I got the feeling that he was using me to get through the parts that he had trouble with because that’s when he wanted the controller back.

Now… The boy has to do it on his own.

Some folks believe that video games are bad for kids. Personally, I’ve been using it to teach him about numbers and letters. And, his eye/hand coordination is getting better along with those games.

As for him becoming a couch potato like his Unka Gene, that’s not going to happen. The kid likes going outdoors too much. I don’t think he’ll become one with the cushions until he learns about the joys of porno and beer and that’s a far piece away.

I still have my Super Nintendo somewhere too. I’ll have to dig it out and let him play ‘Eek The Cat’ and ‘The Tick’ games that I have buried in my storage building. Maybe when the weather cools off a bit more, I’ll dig them out.

I’ve become a little disgusted with Netflix lately. I think that they’ve become too popular to handle the load. They used to send out my next DVD the same day that they received one from me. Now they require another 24 hours until they ship it. That burns me up because I ran through 6 rentals a week and now I’m lucky if I can manage 3.

It’s still more economical than purchasing DVD’s. Unless I absolutely have to have it for my collection (‘Green Acres’), I’m not going to purchase any DVD’s. Somewhere in the near future, another format will make DVD’s obsolete. It’s happening to VHS and I’ve got a ton of those that I purchased. Hell, it’s getting that way with CD’s.

Why should I part with a twenty to have something that will be replaced with better technology that will make me part with another twenty or heaven forbid, thirty bucks down the road?

It’s a merry-go-round of fleecing and I have gotten off the ride. All I need is the hardware. The software, I can rent baby!

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