Monday, September 26, 2005

True Brothers 'Wanted'

This past Sunday, the True Brothers ( had a CD release party at the Blind Tiger (

I guess that if I had a regular hangout, the Blind Tiger would be the place.

I arrived a little later than I had wanted and I’m putting the blame squarely on the race at Dover. This was the first race that I could sit and watch from start to finish and I was determined to do so.

My first day off after 16 days straight started very lazily around 11 am. I eased myself into consciousness by getting up with no plan but the race and round it off with the True Brothers. I showered and was starting to put the gel into my hair for a session with the blow dryer when my cell phone rang. The caller ID said that it was my mother so, I answered thinking there must be a problem.

“I need you,” she said slightly out of breath. Before I could ask if everyone was all right, she said, “Go down Lawndale and take a left on Cornwallis.”

I managed to ask if there were car problems and got a quick “no” along with a “hurry”.

There went my plans to watch the pre-race show and find out what all the fines and warnings were about in last week’s Nextel Cup race in New Hampshire. Oh well, that’s life in the big city, right?

I got there and found out that my parents had been “shoulder shopping” and had found a Little Tikes playhouse for my niece Chloe. That eased my slight irritation with the crumbling of the day’s plan. It was for something that would put a big smile on that crazy kid’s face. Finding out the reasons that Robby Gordon was so angry with Michael Waltrip will have to wait until I look it up on

I arrived at the BT around 5:17 pm. It was an early show because most of the True’s fans probably turn in around eight or nine o’clock. And to my surprise, there were only a few folks there.

The True Brothers are throwbacks to an era where Grand Ole Opry entertainers did comedy routines along with musical numbers. The True Brothers still remain faithful to that tradition despite the public’s taste for fast and quick delivery. And for the first time, I was starting to realize that.

These guys were VERY popular in the late 80’s with the college kids. The Trues are mavericks and we all understood it. We all enjoyed it. It was nothing to see a double bill with the True Brothers and alt-rockers Bicycle Face.

First of all, the guys don’t have a band. They aren’t really playing the instruments that they have strapped on. The sing to prerecorded musical tracks that they have put out on their CD’s. It saves them a lot of hassle because there are always be personality clashes with members of your band. They bypassed all of those hassles and they did it their way, just like Frank.

I purchased their new CD called ‘Wanted’ and I’m listening to it today. I have always loved the True Brothers and I will continue to support these mavericks.

Granted, there are a couple of things in their show that could be shelved for the sake of keeping things rolling, but they don’t care about my opinion. They are gonna do it their way.

If you wanna see what I’m talking about, check them out for yourself. They are having their second CD release party at the Green Bean. Check out the website. And, if you haven’t been paying attention, its

JJ McCain from 1075kzl has seen them from time to time when their paths cross at the Central Carolina Fair. JJ doesn’t get it at all.

“Eugene, they aren’t playing their guitars,” he says slightly surprised. “They aren’t even plugged in. This is sooo gay!”

Yeah, JJ uses “gay” quite a lot when he’s perplexed.

JJ doesn’t get it and that’s cool. And the True Brothers don’t care if you get it either.

Jacky True once told me that he didn’t care what everyone said about them as long as they didn’t misspell their names.

And not to leave JJ McCain out….


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