Friday, September 23, 2005

'Protein Shake' a mixtape

There was something that I forgot to mention about Wednesday’s premiere of ‘Invasion’…

They put up a disclaimer before the show aired. It read as follows:

“This family drama contains images of a fictional hurricane and it’s aftermath. Due to recent events, viewers may be sensitive to some of the following images.”

I have a couple of problems with that disclaimer. Shall I tell you about them?

Well, I will anyhow.

First of all, are the viewers so ignorant that they have to be told that this new drama starts off with a fictional hurricane?

Were we going to think that it was a reality show from New Orleans? Were the aliens going to take over the French Quarter and expose themselves for beads?

And why is the network so concerned about how we feel seeing the aftermath of a fictional hurricane?

I feel like the political correctness movement is hampering our freedom of speech and expression. You don’t DARE offend someone with new or different ideas. That would cause people to think.

I realize that folks are traumatized about their lives being changed forever with Hurricane Katrina. I can empathize with that. And, I’m sure that some knuckleheads across the land have called up their ABC affiliates and complained about the insensitivity about the timing of ‘Invasion’.

After Katrina, some small-minded preacher was featured on the news about the message on his church marquee’. He was making national news with “New Orleans – The modern day Sodom and Gomorrah”.

As much as I disagree with him, I still think that he has the right to say whatever the hell he wants. I’m not going to protest it. The man has the same rights that we all have in this country. I applaud his gumption to say what he feels is right.

I just think that it’s a shame that no one can speak his or her minds unless it’s politically correct. Why can’t people be as passive with something that they don’t agree with as they are when they’re in agreement?

We are becoming a nation of wimps. We’re afraid to express how we truly feel about anything because someone may get offended.

I say, “SCREW THAT NOISE! Say what’s on your mind.” Let the offended chips fall where they may.

If folks were offended by ‘Invasion’, they have a wonderful invention at their fingertips. It’s called an “off” button. But people can’t use it or simply turn the channel. They feel that everyone else should adhere to their opinions. If they don’t like it, well… They want the networks to get that kind of stuff off the air. No one should be able to watch ideas that they don’t agree with.

I’m still going to use the word “retarded”. I’m not going to use “African-American”. I’m a loud mouth, white guy. I don’t even mind if you call me a “cracker”. I don’t even like the word “Caucasian”. That’s the Cherokee in me talking now.

Which brings me to another subject… Why are some Indians so uptight about sports monikers like “Braves”, “Redskins” or even “Indians” for that matter?

How many Indians will you run into your whole life?

Lets face it. Indians are disappearing from the landscape of this country. If nothing is left to remind everyone about their heritage, they can be forgotten.

The high school that I graduated from hasn’t changed their moniker yet. They are the Northwest Guilford Vikings. Do the Nordic people have a problem with being portrayed as savage or fierce?

I would consider it an honor. No one is rushing to defend them.

If you’re going to change one group of monikers, I feel that you should change them all. But where does it stop?

Are we overlooking how Lions and Tigers feel about their use with sports teams?

Give me a break. Give all of us one.


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Oh noes!!! You got blog spam!

    I didn't watch Invasion, but I did see the disclaimer about the hurricane, and had a similar reaction. They've been advertising that show all summer - and it's not ABOUT the hurricane anyway, it's about, oh... I don't know... an alien INVASION? Sheesh.

    And, in lazy response to your previous post...

    LOST. Season premier. YAY! I got addicted to that show this summer during reruns. I'm not normally a big science-fiction fan, but I really LOVE this show.

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  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    quit your bitching... nobody is denying anybody's right of speech

    just watch the damn show; and if you don't want to, change the damn channel!