Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blackfoot 'No Reservation'

I’ve moved on through discs 2 and 3 of the second season of ‘24’ and I really haven’t been shocked. If you’re like my friend, Christine… You shouldn’t read this entry if you haven’t seen what I’m writing about. There are several spoilers. Come back at a later date. It will be here under Blackfoot ‘No Reservation’.

Yeah, Nina Myers is still alive and President David Palmer’s ex-wife is back, but nothing all that ground breaking.

I’m glad that Mrs. Palmer is back because she is so hot.

I was a big fan of ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ and the same actress was Larry’s personal assistant. It is so nice to see her on my magical picture box again.

She is such a good actress. How do I know?

Well, for one thing… I’m starting to hate Mrs. Palmer’s guts. That’s the mark of a good actor. You forget about the actor and you start to see the character. Mrs. Palmer is a manipulative bee-ootch! Every episode of ‘24’ shows us all a new wrinkle in her bed of evil. She’s working every angle and everyone around her. There’s not limit to her perfidy.

If you read the comments left by readers, you will see that Brad K. gave up on ‘24’ because of Kim Bauer. I’m starting to agree with Mr. K. Kim is becoming quite annoying.

Lets review shall we?

It’s been a year since Nina killed her mother and she’s moved away from her father, Jack. For some absurd reason, she sort of blames her father and she needs time to heal. So, she gets a job working as a nanny. One day (episode) out of the blue, she finds out that employer is an abusive husband and he likes to break a few bones in the kid too.

That leads to many breast flopping chases on foot until the kid faints because of a head injury. Kim takes the kid to the hospital. The doctor is suspicious and wants the police to find out what’s going on. The abusive father beats the police there and works out a deal with Kim. Well, it’s not really a deal because some threats are made… anyway… Kim gets her boyfriend Miguel to come over to the hospital. They conceive a plan to get the little abused girl away from daddy and away from L.A. so that when the nuclear bomb hits, she’ll be safe and can start a new life. Blah, blah, and blah.

Kim doesn’t listen to her father and that’s the cause of all her troubles. He told her to get out of Dodge and head for her aunt’s house.

Maybe I’m crazy or I’m too selfish with my own life, but I would have left the phone swinging in the wind as soon as I had heard about a nuclear bomb being detonated in my hometown. They would have to call the fire department to come put out my tracks. No waiting around. I’m sorry to say this… Screw the little girl; I’m into self-preservation, baby!

Apparently, Miguel was swayed by Kim’s breasts flopping back and forth when she runs and he helped her get the little girl. He beat up the abusive father and stole his Lexus.

They get pulled by Brother Bacon and guess what becomes of that… The little girl’s mother is locked in the trunk and soaking in her own juices.

Trouble needs a super-charged Hummer to keep up with Kim Bauer and so far, it has managed to keep up with her every step.

Now she’s running and flopping through the California desert. She’s fleeing from an apparently well-fed mountain lion, not to mention the police, and eventually she runs into Kevin Dillon. And, it’s good to see him working again.

Yes, Kim Bauer is starting to get on my nerves too. It seems that she’s causing all of her own trouble.

I think the character of Kim Bauer is designed to make people purchase new televisions. You watch her do the dumbest of dumb things (not listen to her father Jack) and you just want to throw things at the TV. I’m starting to really hate her too.

Kill off Kim Bauer and the show would be totally awesome! But, keep Mrs. Palmer until she can die in a very satisfactory way.

Remember Tim Roth as Archibald Cunningham in ‘Rob Roy’? I couldn’t wait until he met his maker.

I want the same kind of satisfaction when Mrs. Palmer bites the dust.

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