Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Fall Is Here And We Are Taking The Plunge

The summer is winding down and I couldn’t be happier. The pool will be closed at the beginning of next week and the new Fall TV Season is upon us!

Personally, over-the-air networks no longer thrill me. They don’t seem to as interested in quality as they are in ratings and numbers. And let’s face it, over-the-air networks have the greatest number of viewers and considering the top 5 shows on those networks, they aren’t appealing to those in Mensa International.

1. NFL Sunday Night Football

I only watch if the Redskins are playing. And it’s funny how it was the top rated over-the-air program even with all that so-called boycotting. We’ll see how it goes this season.

2. This Is Us

Proving once again that women love to watch other people’s miserable lives for entertainment. In fairness, I have never seen it. I have no desire to see it. And if Puffs aren’t advertising during that televised tear-fest, they are missing out.

3. Roseanne

I never felt that it was good the first time around. Sure, I thought her standup was funny before the show. But I never cared for the series, had no interest in the reboot, and don’t care to see what happens now that they’ve killed her off the series.

4. NFL Thursday Night Football

Please refer to 1.

5. The Big Bang Theory

I tried this one after season one was released on DVD. After about two and a half episodes in, it was time to pull the plug. I felt like it insulted true geeks by painting us up as caricatures and besides, it just wasn’t funny. If you’ve ever watched a bump on a log for over an hour, then you can imagine me on the couch watching such dreck.

As for our experiment into the great cord-cutting TV world, that is about to begin. The Roku is just waiting to be put into place. It must be carefully placed into the MIL’s world as gently as possible. Any sudden change to her pace will result in frustration, anger, tears, and possible personal injury. She’s a creature of SERIOUS habit.

The other day I asked the MIL if she wanted to learn something new. She rolled her head back, put a grimace over her face, and said “I don’t want to mess with that Roku right now.”

Oh yeah, it’s going to be fun for her even with 80% less buttons to fool with.

I just wanted to show her how to keep rolls of aluminum foil in their boxes with the handy-dandy push-in tabs at each end of the box. That was all. In her defense, she has been partied out. With the pool closing we’re seeing more visitors than usual. I had my family over last Saturday along with an unusual cast of characters on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, and yesterday. Changing out of a housecoat into clothes and makeup can really zap the zeal and energy out of just about any ol’ gal.

By the end of the month, we should be full force into the cord-cutting world. So once ‘The Days of Our Lives’ is over for the day, Roku 4 will be placed and the process will begin in earnest. Wish us luck, my friends!

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