Friday, February 24, 2017

Eugeology: Eugene's List of Hard Rock Albums and Possible Gems Part 7 - Enuff Z'Nuff 'Strength'

I apologize for my lateness to the party. It's been a busy week and I really should just carve out some Sunday time to write a proper review of these great albums that I'm trying to turn my friends Tim Beeman and Jon Lowder on to.

First of all, Enuff Z’Nuff’s self-titled debut album was marketed as glam metal. That was totally wrong. Enuff Z’Nuff are a power pop band with weird sort of psychedelic twist. They were like Elvis Costello fronting Cheap Trick. I loved that debut album and saw them play on that tour at the old Baity’s in Winston-Salem.

They had Marshall stacks stacked up to the rafters inside and they were second loudest band that I have ever seen. Motorhead at the Fillmore in Charlotte with my buddy Hinzy had us seeing over 130 decibels on the meter at the soundboard. Enuff Z’Nuff were nearly painful even with earplugs. The girl that I was seeing at the time didn’t much care for them, BUT they won her respect when they played a cover of “Dear Prudence”.

When ‘Strength’ came out they blew me away. The tunes are great and fit all kinds of different occasions.

“Heaven And Hell”, “In Crowd”, and “Something For Free” are PERFECT songs for rocking out with your windows down as you’re ripping through the rural countryside.

“Missing You”, “Goodbye”, and “Time To Let You Go” are those contemplative songs about relationships that have gone sour and they go well with whatever alcoholic beverage you’re drinking during a heartbreaking episode.

The production on the album is stellar. And the mixing pays tribute to The Beatles and the psychedelic trip that the band was on. You’ll hear drums on one side and a guitar on the other side. Personally, I love it.

‘Strength’ should have been the album that catapulted the band to hard rock super stardom, but the grunge movement had other plans. ‘Strength’ kicks ass. ‘Strength’ can strike many a chord. ‘Strength’ was every right thing about Enuff Z’Nuff and they never quite recovered after that album.

Check them out on Letterman HERE when they were promoting the album.

If you dig The Beatles and Cheap Trick, by gods check out Enuff Z’Nuff. They’re like their love child if those bands had the chance to mate.

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