Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Not cool, but what can you do?

Let me state up front… I am not a parent. I don’t have any kids.


Have you ever had a show that is constantly interrupted when you’re watching it? (Save your breath, parents)

That’s either as it airs or off the DVR.

Well, ‘The X-Files’ new revisit has been interrupted every single time.

First of all, the local Fox affiliate, WGHP in High Point, made the decision to air even more Carolina Panthers crap after the NFC Championship game when the rest of America was airing the highly-anticipated revisit of ‘The X-Files’. Even the Charlotte affiliate went with ‘The X-Files’. But NOOOoooooo… The folks in High Point felt the need to piss off a lot of geeks in the area with more stuff about the Carolina Panthers.

Fox 8 said that it would air at 11pm locally. But knowing what I know about live sporting events and the local affiliates need to push their news manliness into our collective faces, I was ready. I planned for the 11pm airtime and gave it a 3 hour extension.

I wanted to watch it as it aired, but finding out the local affiliate wasn’t playing by the networks rules allowed me to go to bed after the NFC Championship (like most viewers including Panthers fans).

I got up the next morning to watch it off the DVR and sure enough, my sharp television sixth sense paid off. Fox 8 didn’t start airing ‘The X-Files’ until 11:27pm. As I was fast forwarding through the news, weather, and Panthers crap I was hoping that the program would start at “11:22”. But it didn’t.

I saw much outrage on Monday morning with my friends in Geek. They were upset that Fox 8 didn’t carry the show as it was promised on all the Fox Network promos and they were upset that they missed 30 minutes because of the time shifting.

What killed me the most?

Cindy Farmer on the Fox 8 Morning News talking about ‘The X-Files’ later in the week saying, “Over 16 million viewers tuned in…”

Yeah, I gave her the side-eye from the living room doorway. I may have even called her a vicious name or two.

Look… I get that NFL Football is very popular. I understand. But if you’re going to record something after a sporting event AND a local station’s public masturbation for the local sports team, you gotta add that extension. ALWAYS add that extension after any sporting event.

I don’t blame Fox 8 for jumping on the Carolina Panthers bandwagon. They weren’t the only ones… You know who you are… But if you’re going to stick with a plan to air the show at 11pm, please do your best to adhere to that. ESPECIALLY if the programming is produced in-house. They can trim it to keep everyone happy.

A quick poll of Facebook friends the next day had less than a handful of Panthers fans staying up to watch extended masturbation for Carolina Panthers fans. There were only 2 of them and 1 has insomnia issues.

I don’t get it.

I had issues with the rest of the series with trying to view it in real time.

I had issues with trying to watch them off the DVR too! And when you’ve got a girlfriend yelling at you to help with her sick child, you stop what you’re doing and do what she wants. Man card or not, it’s best to keep the peace.

Do you have shows or sporting events that seem to get interrupted every time? Is it from inside sources? Is it outside sources? And what show or sporting event for you gets interrupted?

Please tell me because I’m starting to think that there’s a conspiracy to keep me from watching new episodes of ‘The X-Files’.

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