Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine'

And we’re back to my revamped, retooled, and improved list of all-time favorites.

These just aren’t my favorites. They’re shining examples of what I think quality television is and can be. I’m sure your list would and could be vastly different.

So let’s move on…

Fourth on my list- 'Seinfeld'

‘Seinfeld’ changed just about everything for situation comedies. BUT! It’s a show about everything a great sitcom should be. There are running gags with or without characters “in the know”. There are deep subplots that often intertwine with other subplots and the main plot. ‘Seinfeld’ offended a whole country and their people with a burning flag. It has people still talking about “Festivus” during the holidays.

It was a show that had everything, but claimed to be about nothing.

The ONLY thing about ‘Seinfeld’ that everyone can agree on… The ending sucked.

I challenge you the next time you talk with a group of friends or coworkers to ask about a favorite episode. You’ll probably get a butt load of different episodes. And that’s a sign of a fantastic series.

Fifth on my list- 'Supernatural'

‘Supernatural’ is the first hour long television show on my list. I know, I know… It’s only about 44 minutes without the commercials.

The show will enter its eleventh season this fall and it’s still going strong. There are weak links in the chain here and there, but isn’t that true with just about any show?

And besides, sometimes you have to break up the season or series story arc with a one off story. We need a little something to clean the palate and fire up the taste buds for the next chapter of the story arc.

There are episodes that not only break down the fourth wall, but smash it to bits. There are episodes within episodes. There are great things in this series that I really want to tell you about, but I don’t want to spoil the first time experience for those that may give ‘Supernatural’ a try because of my list.

One thing I can tell you to look for that won’t spoil a thing… Jared Padalecki was a cast member on ‘Gilmore Girls’. During the episode of ‘Supernatural’ titled “Hollywood Babylon”, Sam (Padalecki) and Dean Winchester are taking a studio tour. During the tour, the guide tells everyone that they’re passing the fictional town of Stars Hollow from the series ‘Gilmore Girls’ while Sam (Padalecki) gives a slightly uncomfortable look.

I admit that I missed that moment since I got on the ‘Gilmore Girls’ train a little late.

There are “Easter Eggs” everywhere within ‘Supernatural’. There’s even a website dedicated to all the different Easter Eggs and alias references used by Sam and Dean (I’m Father Frehley and this is Father Simmons). I found a bottle of schnapps during an episode in the tenth season that was named after a crew member complete with a portrait of that individual. And yes, I snapped a pic.

One of my favorite things about the writing of this series… It frequently makes fun of itself and the viewers are able to go right along with the joke.

I got Jamie onboard with this series, but the going is slow with her life and kids taking up most of her time. Her youngest is nearly caught up to the upcoming season.

I’m so proud of him that I could bust!

Finally! There’s someone in the house that I can watch the shows with in real broadcast time.

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