Friday, October 03, 2014

Django Django

I have a love/hate relationship with social media.

I love that I can reconnect with friends that I’ve lost track of during the years. I love that I can post the silly thoughts that pop into my head. I love that I can live vicariously through someone’s vacation or event pictures like concerts. I love that I can keep track of my relatives and with what’s going on in their lives. I love writing stupid comments on the local television news postings. I love seeing the pets of my friends. I love that most people see social media as a fun place with tidbits of information.

Thank goodness there’s a lot for me to love. But on the other hand…

I don’t like seeing people constantly moaning and bitching about something that went wrong in their day. How it’s the norm for their lives. It’s one thing to inform everyone about a health issue, but stupid stuff like every day setbacks don’t really call for Eeyore to grab a bullhorn for a blast of negativity. I’ve seen people post things about doing good and remaining positive only to counter that posting a few hours later with a negative blast about their ex or how the Universe won’t allow them to be happy.

I’m starting to dislike the religious postings where they’re convinced that Christianity is under attack because they believe some talking head on some agenda driven website or some broadcast network. I used to find them amusing, but the lack of actual information being tossed around in those postings alarms me. A&E and even the NFL have become fodder for this ridiculous movement on social media. I’ve even jumped into a friend’s discussion only to be insulted by someone fighting and making a stand for Christianity. I guess when you refuse to face the real facts you must do what Jesus would do… Call someone an idiot. I’m too lazy to look up the actual verse, but I think it’s in the Book of Matthew somewhere.

If you disagree and try to present actual facts, you’re labeled a liberal or even worse… Someone that voted for Obama. For some reason, Christianity goes hand in hand with propagandist right wing media.

And for the record, I haven’t seen any Jehoviah Witnesses, Catholics, Episcopalians, or Mormons jumping on that band wagon. But according to my Southern Baptist upbringing, those cats are wrong and they’re all going to Hell anyway.

I’m not attacking. I’m using my experience of growing up for 18 years in a Southern Baptist church. I cannot tell you how many times that I’ve heard about other Christians being wrong and bound for Hell.

I also don’t care for the “I’m so happy in my relationship that I must post daily about my undying love and affection”.

Shut. Up. Who really wants to hear that every day?

It’s the opposite of the Eeyore types and that bothers me as well.

First thought that comes to me… Yeah, who are you trying to convince?

Second thought that comes to mind… Was everyone in your past that big of a douche that when someone comes along and treats you better you must constantly rave about them on social media?

“My husband brought an iced tea to work just for me. I love that man! He’s the greatest in the world. Birds fly above him chirping away as my heart sings.”

Are they posting for the benefit of their partner? Does the partner need some sort of validation or reassurance?

Third thought that comes to mind… Must you be so damn open with everything?

And oddly, those are the types that post lots of their doings on social media and yet have a problem with adding Netflix to their Facebook because they don’t want everyone to see what they’ve been watching.

I don’t get it. But I have blocked those types from popping up in my newsfeed. I just don’t care for candy-coated turds looking for some kind of weird approval about their relationship. Just limit that brand of affection to birthday and anniversaries please. I have never been a fan of the PDA (Public Display of Affection).

Then there’s the selfie types that must post pictures of themselves daily. I don’t like those either… Unless they’re selfies of attractive women. And the more cleavage the better.

Hey, I’m fueled by testosterone and these are MY likes and dislikes.

The vaping selfies are the most peculiar to me.

There’s the constant political poster. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle they're on, they have an ax to grind. And grinding that ax in public will eventually cause someone to stop in their tracks and realize they’re on the wrong path.


I must stay away from those types. I’m a Libertarian and that means the left and right hate my opinions. So I’ve gotten in the habit of blocking those people so I don’t get involved. It benefits no one really.

And finally, there’s the excessive hashtaggers. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook they must hashtag every possible word in the posting. #YouKnow #What #IAm #TalkingAbout #?

The rule is – limit yourself to three hashtags per posting. The rule is about eliminating social media eyesores. But I say nothing with the hopes that they’ll eventually find out some information about proper hashtagging.

Do you agree or disagree with any of these?

Leave a comment and exorcise your discontent. I promise not to call you names or insult you.


  1. I could have written this. I agree with every word!
    And if I may add a little more? Grown people arguing. Can't you just make your point in a comment or two? I understand that we have different opinions, but why the need to call others a moron, bigot, racist, and my biggest pet peeve name, idiot?
    I have actually seen a few people post as their status "If you don't agree with me, unfriend me now. We don't see eye to eye. Have a nice life"
    Really? How boring their life must be if they only want like-minded people as friends! What in the heck do they discuss with each other? Their mutual admiration for all things alike?? Damn.
    I have lost friends over the 2012 election, the Chik-fil-a scandal, the Treyvon Martin outcome, and some other stupid stuff. Looking back, I'm guessing that we weren't as good of friends that I thought we were? A soon to be in-law has me blocked for who knows what (I imagine that it's my political views and the fact that I watch FOX News)!?! At my son's engagement party, I made it a point to go up to her (like I didn't know her), introduce myself, graciously shook her hand, and told her how glad I was to meet her! Haha She was standing there dumbfounded with her mouth hanging open! She had actually blocked me on facebook before we had even met!
    Sorry, I'm getting into my personal life now. But I said all of that to say this.... It's "social media" folks! Can't we just be sociable? I don't see friends run into each other at the store and start arguing and calling each other names. Why do we feel that it is acceptable to do it on the internet.
    Whew! Thanks for letting me vent on your blog Eugene!

    1. Oh, I forgot the ones that say " I'm trimming my friend's list, If you want to stay on the list, leave a comment"

      Or even better, "I deleted a lot of friends last night, If you're seeing this post, consider yourself lucky"