Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keith Richards 'Main Offender'

I was recently invited to participate in a social gathering for Triad bloggers. I was apprehensive at first because, quite frankly, I’m not a very sociable person. I’m not what you call a “people person”. I don’t like people, you know, in general. Seventy-five percent of the population seems to be self-absorbed and only out for themselves with no concerns about their fellow humankind. And they bitch an awful lot about the most inconsequential things.

Kristen Daukas convinced me that I would have a good time meeting other Triad bloggers. And besides, I felt like maybe, just maybe, my blog was being taken seriously again.

I’ve been riding the “Award Winning” blog since winning Best Blog by the readers of Go Triad back in 2006. It’s been nearly a decade since winning that joker. It would be good for me to do a little networking, getting to know other bloggers outside the computer screen, and do a little promoting for The Less Desirables podcast.

It was scheduled to begin at five and end around 7. Since I wouldn’t be getting off the 600 WSJS airwaves until 6, I told Mrs. Daukas that I would be late. She assured me that it would be okay. The social was kind of like a floating party and folks would surely stay past 7.

I actually put a little hurry into my step after we shut down the show on WSJS. I rolled down a couple of blocks and found a parking spot nearby. I hoofed it in the light rain and found the Community Arts Cafe. I had some new business cards in my back pocket and I was ready to be social despite my inclinations against such endeavors. I was determined to meet, greet, and repeat.

I walked inside to find NO ONE in the building. It was just me with an empty bar. I heard voices downstairs and when I went to look, no one was there. So since the social was taking place on the second floor, I headed for the elevator.

I got inside and pressed the proper button. I gave Cherie Berry a wink and a nod. The door closed and nothing. Nothing. The elevator wasn’t moving. So I opened the door and tried it again. I pressed the proper button again and nothing.

So I stepped outside of the elevator and tried the door that looked as if it led to the stairwell. That mofo was locked.

I had left my phone in the truck. I didn’t want the temptation to keep my social media going while I was trying to be social with actual people. It’s rude and this was an occasion where I didn’t want to be impolite.

You know how it is when someone is checking and rechecking their phone sending and receiving messages while you’re trying to have an actual conversation. It’s just not cool.

So I hit the streets towards the truck and during the walk back the rain poured on me. It was at this point where I said to myself, “Screw it.”

I wasn’t upset. I’ve been barred from social events before. At that point I was already close to an hour and a half late for a two hour event and I was soaked from the rain.

I sent Mrs. Daukas a message on Twitter to let her know that I did indeed try to make it to the event and thanked her. I pointed Roxy’s hood towards King and decided to call it a night. I had a key and could get inside somewhere.

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