Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fleetwood Mac 'Rumors'

My last update, which wasn’t months ago, I wrote about the car situation of that occurs in our cul-de-sac. If you didn’t read that update, let’s just say that Chigger and her oldest didn’t really care for the situation. So I wrote about it.


Because I thought their perspectives were silly and downright funny. And let’s be perfectly clear… I did embellish the facts a tad bit.

Chigger is convinced that the neighbors read that update. She believes that when she waves at the neighbors, they ignore her. The dualie isn’t parked in front of the house anymore and the number of mechanized transport has decreased dramatically.

To be totally honest… Chigger and her oldest are under the impression that I “threw them under the bus”. And let’s keep in mind that I didn’t have any problems with a vehicle parked on publicly owned streets. They both made comments and I ran with them like a Kenyan in a marathon.

Within a week of my last update, some of the vehicles seemingly disappeared. The dualie hasn’t been parked anywhere near the area where our yard stops and pavement begins.

Like I wrote above, Chigger is convinced that my update had something to do with it.

I, of course, disagree with that notion. There could be hundreds of reasons why the situation changed. For one, school was out before Memorial Day in Stokes County. Boom! Kids hitting the beach.

Second… Everyone went to frolic in the Atlantic Ocean.

And thirdly… I don’t think the neighbors care about my writings here at wheelersdog.com. They’re constantly on the go. They seem adventurous and like doing things that I would never do or even want to do. I personally believe they’ve got better things to do with their time than read my ramblings.

Besides, they know what radio station I work for and I’ve never heard any feedback from them. I’m always updating about the latest podcast about The Less Desirables on facebook and I get nothing. Hell, I rarely get a facebook “Like” from either of them on my silly little posts. It doesn’t bother me. I’m used to rejection.

Chigger isn’t convinced and believes that I may have gotten them upset with her. After all, Dualie waves back at me when I throw a greeting hand up in the air. She claims that no one is waving back at her.

Yes. I embellished quite a bit. That’s what jerks like me do. We pump things up in an attempt to make them funny. I took two comments Chigger and the boy said and perverted them all in the name of comedy.

So if they neighbors are reading this… I apologize for anything that may have misconstrued. I heard something that I thought was funny and took off with it. After all, I needed something to write about and that fit the bill at the time. No malice was intended. I offer cold beer as a peaceful gesture.

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